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How many people visit your website? Where they are from? What web browser they use? Put our free hit counter on your site and you'll have all this information.

1.Register and Login. 2.Create campaign. 3.Cut HTML code. 4.Paste HTML to your website.

  • Real time updated
  • Public or privacy stats
  • The ability to modify account settings (such as counter style, password, etc.)
  • The ability to track both uniques visits and page hits
  • The ability to not count hits from the account holder's IP address
  • The ability to delete stats
  • Automated recovery of lost information (such as user id/username/password)
  • Optional inclusion in TopList of most visited sites using the counter service
  • A graphical counter, including the option of "invisible counters" that do not display the number of hits to the public

Reports Features:

  • Page hits - How many times the page is loaded
  • Unique visitors count
  • Traffic stats by page,hour,day,month
  • Demographic report by county, time zone, language
  • Top visited pages
  • Last Visited Pages
  • Top Referrers
  • Last Referrers
  • Top Keywords
  • Last Keywords
  • Top Search Engines
  • Operating Systems In Use
  • Web Browsers In Use
  • Screen Resolutions In Use
  • Detailed Analysis

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