Zoom introduces new Zoom Rooms user interface and devices

Zoom announced a range of new features and enhancements, including a new Zoom Room controller interface, new capabilities in Zoom Events, interpretation enhancements, developer tools, certified hardware and more.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Zoom announced updates to the Zoom platform, including its recently announced new user interface for Zoom Rooms devices, designed to provide a consistent user experience across all Zoom products.

The company says Zoom Rooms version 5.9 includes a refreshed user interface that is now extended to meeting and screen sharing controls. The core functionality remains the same, but is presented with a more modern interface.

According to Zoom, this is designed to extend Zoom Rooms to support a growing set of devices and not just the conference room. The interface more closely matches the desktop client layout of the platforms, giving users a streamlined Zoom Rooms experience.

The new UI for Zoom Rooms Controllers is currently available on iOS and Android Zoom Rooms Controllers with version 5.9.0 and above. In-meeting experience updates for Zoom room controllers will arrive later this year, the company says.

The user interface is designed to work on all Zoom Rooms devices and is also available on Zoom for home and personal Zoom Room devices with supported Zoom Rooms and Controller versions, according to Zoom.

The company also announced new certified hardware, including the Jabra Pro 930, Pro 935 and Engage 75 mono USB headsets, as well as the Logitech Zone True Wireless headphones.

Personal workspace devices have also been added to Zoom’s list of certified devices.

For Zoom Phone, the company announced 10-digit long code text message recordings to combat SMS spam and fraud, call recording retention, and a common area phone license for rooms.

In Zoom Events, the company offers event hosts the ability to upload images or videos to a Hub’s content library to share with Hub hosts, managers, and owners. Also in Events, Zoom is enabling On-Demand Recordings to give hosts the ability to share post-event recordings in the Event Hub.

Zoom is also introducing a language interpreter relay to allow interpreters to listen to the main audio along with the audio of other translators so that the interpreters can converse with each other and translate another interpreter’s audio into another language. .

For more information on the new features, read the Zoom blog.