Yext partnered with the USPTO to pilot an AI-powered searchable knowledge base interface; LC Cook quoted

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has collaborated with Shortlya New York-based artificial intelligence research company, to pilot a searchable knowledge base user interface for the agency open data portal.

Yext said on Tuesday that the user-friendly interface uses its AI- and natural-language-processing-powered site finder to answer complex user questions and bring insightful insights into Yext processes, policies and practitioners. ‘agency.

“With Yext, new USPTO applicants can more easily locate the resources they need to participate in our nation’s innovation economy,” said Laurie “LC” StoveVice President of Public Sector at Yext.

Virginia-based small company Satsyil Corp. worked with Yext on the six-month pilot program.

“Today, when customer expectations are higher than ever, we need to do a better job of making the answers easy to find so people spend less time searching and more time building the next big thing. “said Scott Beliveau, head of advanced business analytics at the USPTO.

Yext has previously provided search experience tools to the State Department, US Army Recruitment, and the states of New Jersey and Alabama.