Xiaomi Mi Band 7, bigger screen, battery and better interface

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will be the next version of the quantization wristband of Chinese society. The first images of it appeared this weekend on Weibo and everything indicates that it will be officially presented on May 24 in an event where we will also see a new mobile, the Redmi Note 11T.

Xiaomi fitness bands have been hugely successful since they hit the market in 2014. The series is estimated to have surpassed 40 million units sold since its debut in 2014 with a model that cost only 9 dollars, a very tight price that received a massive welcome.

It was Xiomi’s first bet in the wearable field and since then, in addition to launching smartwatches, it has updated the series almost every year. If the first version lacked screen and therefore price, the seventh generation that will arrive this week will have its main novelty in this component.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7, more screen and battery

And it is that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will have a significantly larger screen than its predecessor. The laptop’s new AMOLED panel will be 1.62 inchesabout 25% higher than that used in the Mi Band 6. Its resolution will also increase to 192 x 490 pixels and perhaps its maximum brightness will be around 500 nits.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

This extra screen real estate prompted Xiaomi to make some changes to the Band UI. It will support new gestures and elements and the larger screen is likely to improve overall text readability. The device will support all major tracking features including heart rate, blood oxygen dataexercise results or weather alerts.

According to previous information, the battery life would experience a significant leap from the previous generation. This can come from both increasing your battery capacity, as well as changes and optimizations to the power saving system.

Other data such as its SoC, memory and storage are not known, but it is certain that Xiaomi will continue to maintain the bracelet’s lightness and water resistance. Its purpose will be the same as that of the entire series, a bracelet-band dedicated to the fields of sport and health that will allow activity to be recorded and to be connected with the company’s smartphones or those of other manufacturers. thanks to its Bluetooth wireless connection.

Pricing has not been disclosed, but is expected to be as tight as previous ones, under the 50 euro mark. We are already updating after its official presentation.