Xbox consoles will have a brand new interface

Microsoft has unveiled the first sketches of the new Xbox console interface. Expected in 2023, the update will be offered to members of the Xbox Insider program.

The Xbox Series X and Series S // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Some Xbox fans may have been disappointed when the Xbox Series S and X consoles launched to find the same interface and menus as on Xbox One. Where Sony had completely redesigned its software for the PlayStation 5, even taking a few steps back, Microsoft had the choice of security by not changing its interface one iota. More than two years after the launch of its consoles, the firm is preparing to propose some upheavals.

The Xbox Game Pass at the center of the intentions

Without too much surprise, it is the Xbox Game Pass which becomes the new star of the interface. Microsoft’s subscription service will notably have the right to a line dedicated to games. recently added to Game Pass “. The new interface is also similar to what Microsoft already offers on the Xbox Cloud Gaming app on Samsung screens.

Source: Microsoft

A group of Xbox Insider Program members in the Alpha Skip-Ahead loop will be able to begin testing this new interface this week. The update isn’t expected to roll out until 2023. In the meantime, Xbox teams are promising monthly changes throughout development.

For this first step, Microsoft is focusing on the following improvements:

  • a “Jump back in” line for quick access to recent games and apps
  • simplified access to settings, the Microsoft Store and the toy library
  • Scroll through recommendations tailored to your preferences

For comparison, here’s a screenshot we took of an Xbox Series X when it launched in 2020.

Xbox Series XS Dashboard UI (1)
The interface of the Xbox Series X at the launch of the consoles // Source: Frandroid

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