Unified health interface on maps: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

New Delhi, April 14

After institutionalizing a unified payment interface for digital transactions, the government is working to develop a unified health infrastructure for interoperability between different digital solutions to facilitate the use of different solutions by stakeholders.

Universal health coverage

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission aims to drive open and interoperable standards in the digital health ecosystem. Such an endeavor will not only accelerate health coverage targets in India, but will also have ripple effects on the global health ecosystem. RS Sharma, CEO, NHA

The National Health Authority (NHA) on Thursday invited expressions of interest for the platform as well as a digital health claims platform which is also forthcoming. “Healthcare providers like hospitals, labs, can submit their electronic claims on this platform which can be received by payers like insurers and third-party administrators for processing,” the NHA said.

He also invited the EoIs for the Software as a Service Scheme. “Under this program, various digital health solutions can be used by healthcare providers. These can include solutions such as hospital information system, hospital (or health) management information system, laboratory management information system, teleconsultation solutions and sanitary lockers,” the NHA said.

Interested parties were also invited to contribute open source solutions that can be made available for use by various entities. These may include software and other digital solutions. —