This smart lamp is PC widget interface, digital microscope and portable X-ray machine

A geeky LED lamp that features a screen on the outside to broadcast important widgets beyond the PC and external screen interface. Inside there are more functions that will keep everyone interested.

Have you ever wondered what could be the ideal catalyst between a desktop setup with a PC or laptop and the connected phone? A cool desktop widget screen dubbed Workmate streams anything and everything important to your work regimen. A perfect accessory for professionals and creatives – whether in an office space or working from home. The accessory keeps a productivity tab tracking the hours you’ve worked in a day. Well, it has a lot more tricks up its sleeve to get geeks excited.

Creator: Taiseer Zarruk

Workmate doubles as a smart lamp that opens to reveal more trickery. On the inner surface, there are sensors, scanners, and even a small projector that turn the desktop surface into a touchscreen platform. We are therefore talking about an added virtual widget that can be assigned functions such as transmission notifications in untargeted sessions, audio player controls, smart light controls, and much more. The gadget comes with a Micrograph Pro feature – allowing the user to clip on a detachable stereo microscope objective to magnify things with zoom levels up to 100x. This is useful for biological analysis, observing small insects up close, plant dissection, PCB inspection, or quality control.

That’s not it, Workmate also comes with a professional x-ray feature to take x-ray readings. It comes with a user-friendly built-in interface to take a quick x-ray in case you break your wrist and you wanted to be sure if a bone is broken or if there is a hairline fracture. Although x-ray analysis should only be undertaken under the strict supervision of radiographers, I suspect that the accessory will become a reality at a time when we can safely use x-ray applications for personal use.