This is the Pegasus spy software interface

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Pegasus has infected, among other terminals, the smartphones of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles. Now, how is the interface of this computer program?

Just a few months ago, the news broke. Some smart phones members of the central government and that of another autonomous community had been spied on for some time. As they assured Moncloa, President Pedro Sánchez or Defense Minister Margarita Robles had been spied on with Pegasus. This computer program had infected these terminals after overcoming all obstacles defense.

This technology, of Israeli production, is a program camouflaged in a mobile terminal and allows the realization of a whole series of actions without the holder being able to trace it. In this way, a third party can have access to private chat conversations, as well as listen to telephone conversations or even activate the microphone or the camera at any time. Each license costs several thousand euros and is specially designed for Public Enterprises. Its outcome in these terminals remains a mystery.

Now, have you ever wondered what the interface of such a program might look like? In these cases, we usually turn to the information provided by science fiction films. Surely you have also noticed the incredible proposal that serves to attract the viewer’s attention, TRUE? We are sorry to tell you that, in this case, this is all very far from reality. This is the conclusion we can come to after analyzing the image of the Pegasus program itself.

Here is the interface of Pegasus, the spyware that leaves no trace

It is a program whose desktop interface looks very simple. It barely has a series of functions and, to tell the truth, it seems like a very simple technology visually. In fact, it makes sense, since its main function is to get the information. Once that goal is achieved, the rest seems to be left in the background. Thanks to this tool, you can have access to all the messages sent and received, as well as a whole tangle of data, including photographs or audio clips.

Pegasus is a computer spy program that has wreaked havoc on the hypertext government

All computer program management is done at the touch of a button. Click on. It will be enough to press, for example, on the area of ​​the microphone, to be able to activate it at will without the smartphone spied gives clues to its owner. It has advanced technology to get hold of the terminal. However, its main detail that differentiates it is the possibility of getting rid of said terminal without leaving a trace. It is one of the most advanced professional tools in its class. The interface allows information to be separated by file type.

It may be a sparse aesthetic design job, but it helps to have very complete and tidy storage in all that relates to the information collected. It has its own reading systems, so it is possible to access the data in a seemingly simple way. It should be noted that we are dealing with a spy program developed and perfected for several years. The screenshot above shows a version released in 2014, according to Haaretz.

So that, we do not know if you listen to them and follow made to members of the Government have used this version or another developed by the cybersecurity company NSO. It may be that because this technology disappears from endpoints without a trace, it may never be known how long users have been infected. smart phones. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to remember some of the most outstanding functions of this spy service.

  • Activate the microphone to hear everything happening around the device in real time
  • Activate the phone camera to take pictures of everything around you
  • Record and store the content of incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Read text messages.
  • Read messages from apps like WhatsApp

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