Thermal interface material supplier HYMN closes Series B round over CNY 100 million

Funding was provided by CICC, CMB International Capital and Puhua Capital. HYMN will use this funding for mergers and acquisitions as well as R&D.

According to Hao Chen, CEO of HYMN, HYMN’s focus areas are chip process, R&D in packaging materials and high thermal conductivity metal, and management solutions, with expansion plans. to other niche markets. Their M&A target company is an advanced metal materials solutions provider with a strong presence in “building new infrastructure”, with a focus on new energy vehicles, batteries and service computing.

HYMN believes that the M&A model, which other large foreign companies have used to fill this shortage of certain technologies, will help them develop faster, in the same way that the chip industry has developed rapidly but the R&D took a long time. Through the merger and acquisition, HYMN has expanded its scope to include thermal interface, metal, chip and electromagnetic shielding.

With trade tensions escalating, HYMN is maintaining its international market entry strategy while keeping a close eye on the prospect of M&A targets and expanding its range of products and services to achieve its position in the heat dissipation material. China is a latecomer in materials science and is already lagging behind other countries. Hao Chen thinks they should focus on their strengths.

Investors like HYMN because it has characteristics not common in a start-up, such as strong growth potential, strong market power, sales channels, management ability and high-caliber talent.