The Prime video interface gets a long-awaited overhaul, emphasizing free-to-play and sports titles from Amazon and adding top 10 charts – Deadline

Amazon begins rolling out a long-awaited overhaul to its Prime Video interface this week, with the new look moving away from the previous maze of small tiles and toward what the company calls a “super carousel” intended to be more “cinematic.” ”

The new design emphasizes Prime originals, with trailers integrated into the extended screen, as well as sports and free-to-play titles. Amazon’s Freevee has expanded its reach as its own standalone app, but many Freevee titles will appear algorithmically to viewers or in searches.

For years, while Prime has gone on to become perhaps the most successful customer loyalty or subscription program ever attempted, its video component has received mixed reviews from many subscribers in terms of looks. and on-screen usability. In a blog post, the company admitted that its goal was to make the experience of watching Prime Video “less busy and overwhelming”.

Another major addition is a top 10 ranking. Netflix has integrated a 2020 screen top 10, building on this to provide self-reported numbers and a weekly top 10 ranking in 90 countries. It remains to be seen what kinds of disclosures await the secrecy-famous Amazon, but the ranking is a major novelty.

The redesign begins on the Prime Video app on connected living room devices, including Fire TV, as well as the Android app. It will be available on these devices to all Prime Video customers worldwide this summer, with iOS and the web to follow.

“We’re redesigning the Prime Video experience to showcase our wide selection of content and make it easier for customers to find the content they love,” the blog post reads.

A main navigation menu on the left side of the screen (on living room apps) is another major innovation. The app will launch with six main pages: Home, Store, Search, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff. Customers will also have sub-browse options to more easily navigate by content or offer type.

Sport is a major influence in the new design, which comes as no surprise given the strategic push into the arena by the company in recent years. In September, Amazon will launch an 11-year exclusive rights deal for NFL Thursday Night Football, and a host of deals for football, baseball, tennis and other sports have followed in multiple regions around the world.

While the live programming guide will indicate when sporting events and other attractions are due to start, the company does not plan to offer push alerts notifying users when the game starts, as Apple TV, YouTube TV and others have done. other streaming players.

Identifying titles already available to viewers at no additional cost is another key priority. Historically, a row of “free for Prime subscribers” tiles existed in the Prime interface, but it was easy to scroll compared to the updated version. Titles available on streaming services outside of Prime Video to which a user is already subscribed are also indicated by enhanced visual markings.