The OIF adopts the Common Management Interface (CMIS) specification work initiated by the QSFP-DD multisource agreement

FREMONT, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – OIF expands its role in driving industry interoperability through the addition of Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) work initiated by the QSFP-DD Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density).

CMIS can be used by pluggable or embedded modules, such as QSFP Double Density (QSFP-DD), OSFP, COBO, QSFP and future module developments such as co-packaged optics with host-module management communication based on two wire interface. This specification is intended for system manufacturers, system integrators, and suppliers of CMIS-compliant optical and copper modules.

“The QSFP-DD MSA initiated the CMIS effort to meet an industry need for common plug-in module management, and it has been widely and successfully adopted in the industry,” said Mark Nowell , Cisco, founding member of QSFP-DD MSA and MSA group. co-chairman. “The OIF is very well placed to maintain and expand the development of this effort and I look forward to seeing their progress. ”

“The adoption of CMIS from the MSA QSFP-DD, with the aim of developing and extending the specification, is an ideal extension of the work of the OIF,” said Nathan Tracy, vice president of marketing and OIF TE connectivity. “The OIF is where the cloud does its work and the extension of CMIS is a giant leap and an integral link with the other work that OIF members are doing to enable an interoperable ecosystem. ”

In August, the OIF announced the new physical and link layer working group (PLL) management track to include the transition of CMIS ownership and maintenance from QSFP-DD MSA to OIF and a project aiming to focus on CMIS extensions for co-packaging implementations. The OIF will support ongoing CMIS revisions and ongoing CMIS enhancements and extensions as part of this path. This track is co-vice-chaired by Gary Nicholl, Cisco and Ian Alderdice, Ciena.

“The value of the OIF to the industry runs deep, as evidenced by the industry’s support and approval of this transfer of CMIS work to the OIF,” continued Tracy.

The current CMIS and previous revisions (of QSFP-DD MSA) are now available to members on the OIF website. The “Archived non-OIF generated specifications” can be found on the home page, in the “Documents” drop-down menu.

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