The new camera features a high-resolution 7-inch 1080p touchscreen interface

Summary of the press release:

  • Capable of streaming 1000MB/s of video when long term recording is required
  • Comes with analysis software for post-high-speed video analysis
  • Ideal for testing and verifying automotive security systems, NASA rocket testing, and digital image correlation

Original press release:

3000 fps 2MP handheld camera

New from Mega Speed ​​Corporation. July 27, 2022

The MAX V3 is our fastest high-speed handheld camera yet with 3000 fps recording speeds at 1920 x 1080 image resolution. Featuring a 7-inch high-resolution 1080P touchscreen interface and enterprise-grade solid-state drives capable of streaming 1000MB/s of video when long-term recording is required. Analysis software is included for post-high-speed video analysis.

Mega Speed’s fastest portable 1080P camera features Mega Speed’s Direct-To-Drive recording technology which, in many applications, eliminates the need for traditional record/backup cycles found in most other high-speed cameras.

The Mega Speed ​​MAX V3 camera can record high speed video in two ways. The first is to record the video to the cameras SDRAM for a few seconds, stop recording, download the video, then record again. This works great for applications that require the highest possible frame rate for cameras, but it takes too long for some other applications that require fast repetitive backups or long-term recording at a frame rate. slightly lower.

The second way the Mega Speed ​​MAX V3 can record the video at high speed is to save it directly to the internal drive every time you press the record button. With Mega Speed’s Direct-to-Drive technology, there is no wasted waiting during the download cycle since data is immediately saved to disk as it is recorded. When recording in this way, the Mega Speed ​​MAX can still record at a fast enough frame rate and large enough frame size to satisfy a variety of high-speed video recording applications. .

The new MAX V3 is suitable for automotive safety system testing and verification, destructive impact testing, troubleshooting/preventive maintenance, high-speed production line inspection, flight safety aviation, spacecraft deceleration systems, NASA rocket testing, digital image correlation, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical quality control, surface mining explosion diagnostics, and general research and development applications.

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