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Global Flooring Leader Expands Nature-Inspired Carpet Tile and LVT Offerings;
Creates an immersive biophilic design experience at the Chicago showroom

ATLANTE, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Interface®, a global commercial flooring company and global leader in sustainability, continues to embrace the connection between nature and well-being with two complementary collections of modular rugs and luxury vinyl tile (LVT), Beaumont Range™ and Fresco Valley™. The new collections build on the company’s history of looking to nature for design inspiration while expanding its biophilic-inspired product portfolio. The interface currently displays both collections in its Chicago showroom at 345 North Wells Street as part of an immersive design experience created for NeoCon attendees.

Beaumont range: for a beautifully organic texture, Nature Works

With four styles inspired by the ever-changing beauty of mountain trails, the Beaumont Range carpet tile collection features transformative natural patterns that help indoor spaces become more aligned with the outdoors. These styles build on Interface i2™ design innovation, recreating the random beauty of a forest floor through checkered tile variations in pattern, color and texture. The result is a one-of-a-kind soilscape every time, amazingly varied yet consistent like that found in nature.

“When creating the Beaumont range, we sought to bring the restorative powers of nature indoors, and we have succeeded in providing fresh inspiration that incorporates the complex diversity of nature into modular rug designs” , Explain David Okey, founder of David Oakey Designs and exclusive product designer at Interface. “Because the collection offers substantial pattern variation in each style, each installation in the Beaumont range is truly unique. The collection features Interface’s widest pattern repeats to date, yet their overall effect is versatile enough to be used in large and small spaces.”

The Beaumont range includes three plank styles – Mesa™, Eben™ and Ferris™ – as well as Zera™, a companion carpet tile from FLOR® which captures the endless elegance of marbled stone in a square format. All four designs are available in natural hues ranging from slate grays to rich forest greens.

Fresco Valley: To Animate LVT, Nature Works

Designed to create revitalizing spaces that help people live, work and thrive, the Fresco Valley collection incorporates exquisite, natural detail in three original 4.5mm Sound Choice™ LVT styles – Cliff™, Ridge™ and Great Heights™. With designs that include rich wood grain, rippling water and shimmering quartz looks, the collection features unique nature-born patterns and sophisticated hues. Because each tile of the three Fresco Valley styles makes an individual impression, the collection offers significant variation and distinctive visuals, so no two floors are the same.

Kari Pei, Interface’s Vice President of Global Product Design, and her team designed Fresco Valley and, during its creation, they visited the same stunning landscapes that inspired the creation of the Beaumont carpet tile collection. Tidy.

“Nature is constantly influencing my creativity and I love discovering new aspects of the outdoors to incorporate into designs,” Pei said. “The natural world inspires people in different ways, and this is evident in the development of Fresco Valley and Beaumont Range. Although both collections result from studies of the same mountain, they reflect the perspective of two distinct design teams. There’s beauty in that – each collection can be used alone, together or with other styles of Interface flooring.”

Product sustainability: for a positive approach to design, Nature Works

As a pioneer in sustainability, Interface is committed to creating flooring that helps decarbonize the built environment. Beaumont Range and Fresco Valley LVT carpet tiles are manufactured using processes and materials that provide a low carbon footprint – the lowest in the industry for carpet tiles. Both collections also use recycled content in their construction. Like all Interface LVTs, Fresco Valley contains 39% recycled content. Beaumont range carpet tiles are made with 100% recycled nylon and are available on the CQuestGB™ backing – a construction of post-consumer carpet tiles, bio-based additives and pre-consumer recycled materials, which are negative in net carbon.

Additionally, all Interface flooring products, including the Beaumont and Fresco Valley range, are carbon neutral throughout their life cycle through the company’s third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. This means that when designers choose Interface flooring, they choose to reduce the carbon footprint of their spaces and improve the health of the planet.

NeoCon 2022: For Renewed Flooring Inspiration, Nature Works

Along with the launch of Beaumont Range and Fresco Valley, Interface designed its NeoCon 2022 presence and Chicago showroom to reflect the “Nature Works” theme. This idea celebrates the power of nature and how the design principles it contains can be applied to product design and interiors to positively impact people, spaces and the planet.

Interface began embracing the connection between humans and nature over 20 years ago, learning from how nature designs and applying those design philosophies to make carpet tiles even more flexible and beautiful – a exercise that led its designers to the practice of biophilic design. Today the company Chicago the showroom is a sensory experience that underscores his longstanding appreciation of biophilic design. Drawing inspiration from mountain and grassland landscapes, Interface has integrated biophilic design principles throughout the built space using sight, sound, touch and smell, as well as application, textures and flooring patterns.

The Beaumont Mountain Range and Fresco Valley feature prominently in the Chicago showroom, and the company will share images and videos showcasing the design of the space on its social media channels. To learn more about Interface, including its biophilic-inspired flooring options like Beaumont Range and Fresco Valley, visit

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