The first native server with Turkish interface from Netaş

The first native server with Turkish interface from Netaş

Netaş has located the world champion server performance of global telecom technology giant ZTE. Netaş, Turkey’s 55-year-old national telecom tech brand, has taken a localization offensive with its major shareholder, ZTE. Netaş produced ZTE’s R5300 G4 and ZTE R5300 G4X server products for the first time in Turkey, which broke performance records. Netaş brand local server was presented at GSMA 2022 held in Barcelona. Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu, President of BTK, Aiguang Peng, President of Europe and America Region of ZTE Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Netaş, and Bülent Elönü, General Manager of Netaş Telekom Business Unit.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Dr Ömer Fatih Sayan said: “The heart of communication in the world beats in Barcelona. When we look at recent developments around the world, we understand much better what our esteemed President’s view on nationality and nationality means. One of the conditions we set for ZTE when it acquired the majority stake in Netaş in 2016; It was the maintenance of Netaş as a Turkish company and the support of domestic production in accordance with the mission of Netaş. Great to see that mission accomplished with the local server here today. We care about cooperation between global business and local business. In our 5G vision and beyond; local will be at the higher rate. We want ZTE and Netaş to increase their local efforts together,” he said.

BTK President Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu said, “It is very important that we ensure server-side locality. I believe that being able to define the need for a server that can be shaped for future needs is a great added value for our industry.

We will inspire the digital future of near geography with Netaş

“As ZTE, our goal is to inspire the digital world with our superiority in innovative telecommunication technologies including 5G in the global market,” said Aiguang Peng, President of Europe and Americas Region of ZTE Corporation. and Chairman of Netaş; “Turkey is a very key market with its rapid adaptation to innovative technologies. Netaş, on the other hand, is very valuable to us with its deep experience in telecommunication technologies in the local and nearby geography. So; We want to inspire Turkey’s digital future and Turkey’s near geography with Netaş.

Peng said, “With Netaş, we continue to grow in the Turkish telecom market with each passing day. In this process, we began to focus on our localization efforts. By combining the know-how of ZTE’s innovative technologies with the R&D power of Netaş, we first offer technologies localized to Turkey’s needs. The number of products that have received a national goods certificate in the past two years has reached five, including base stations, end-user products (modems), FTTx fixed Internet solutions and local servers. We have taken the most important step in the framework of localization with the local server and for the first time in Turkey we localized the server of ZTE, which broke the world record with its performance. We believe that this number will increase further in the near future, thanks to the harmonious work we have done. By locating different types of products with the “Made in Turkey” label, Netaş’s support for Turkey’s national capital to remain in the country will increase. In the next step, our goal is to export the products in question to other countries in ZTE’s extensive international network and where Netaş enjoys a solid reputation.

Netaş once again strengthens its claim as a telecommunications manufacturer

Bülent Elönü, General Manager of Netaş Telekom Business Unit; “Continuing his movement of “localization” and “localization” that he started in telecommunication technologies by establishing Turkey’s first private telecommunications R&D department, Netaş; transforms Turkey’s telecommunications infrastructure from the core to the backbone networks of operators, from households to workplaces, with the most modern technologies. After ZTE became our largest shareholder in 2017, we have entered a new era together to transform our country’s communication infrastructure.

Elönü gave the following information about their work with ZTE; “We have started to participate in operators’ backbone networks, we are continuing with 5G tests. We have installed one of the world’s first commercially installed 120-channel optical transmission systems (DWDM) in the world in Turkey. In this way, we have become a global pioneer of DWDM systems, which is expected to reach a market volume of 2028 billion dollars with an annual growth of 11.30% by 19. We achieve the largest transformation of IPTV infrastructure of Turkey with ZTE. While virtualizing Turkey’s largest fixed network, we are also starting the mobile network virtualization business. At the end of 2021, we became by far the market leader in end-user devices, we introduced WiFi6 in Turkey, now we are localizing it.

Our latest move is the Netaş branded server

Pointing out that the server and storage market in Turkey is close to $450 million, Elönü said he believes the Netaş server will bring momentum to the industry. Elonu; “The number of national product certificates; server, HGW VDSL modem, new generation base station, WiFi6 modem and fiber optic fixed Internet solutions increased to five with FTTX systems. In our localization efforts, we have always focused on the best and most successful products. For this reason, we have located ZTE’s R2017 G5300 and ZTE R4 G5300X server products, which broke the world record in the most recent (4) SPEC processor performance tests, in Turkey. The interface of the server management module is entirely in Turkish and is user-friendly. It has the distinction of being the only server produced in Turkey with this feature. We support Turkey’s vision of using home technology with our Netaş branded server, which has the ability to operate in many environments requiring high performance such as virtualization, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence (IA) with its technical characteristics.

It will be the backbone of the critical sectors

Elönü said, “It has an extremely flexible design, extensible and scalable design for business critical applications. It also provides the ability to optimally combine CPUs, memory, storage, and GPUs. This localized server will provide a strong, national backbone for the telecommunications, finance, transportation and defense sectors, which are very critical sectors for our country. Netaş server can provide the processing power of systems such as national cars and national fighter planes, which work with national and national technologies in our country, can be easily integrated, can work at high capacity without interruption. It can even be designed and configured to be integrated into devices in the future.

Technical information on product features:

The only server with Turkish management module

  • With the 80th Generation Intel® Xeon® processor family, there are powerful processors up to 8 cores, large memory up to 8TB of memory, and fast storage options such as NVMe.
  • With its GPU (graphics processing unit) support, it can easily perform all critical and high-performance workloads.
  • With its features, it offers superior expansion options than its similar competitors. It handles all critical tasks smoothly and with high-level performance.
  • With support for different virtualization platforms, it provides an ideal environment for setting up virtual machines in data centers and cloud platforms.
  • It meets different storage needs with its hot-swappable drive options.
  • It meets all the needs requiring high bandwidth.
    It meets different storage needs with its highly scalable storage capacities of up to 25 hard drives.
  • Supports multiple 100G network interfaces, meeting bandwidth requirements of up to hundreds of Gbps.
  • This is the most popular 2U rack size on the market.