Teenage Engineering Introduces the TX–6 Portable Mixer, Audio Interface and Synthesizer

teenage engineeringit is TX–6 the portable mixer and multi-channel audio interface processes 32-bit 48 kHz audio with six stereo input channels.

The mixer’s custom CNC aluminum construction comes complete with proprietary encoders, faders and PCB. A rechargeable battery keeps the TX-6 powered for approximately eight hours.

The TX-6’s six-channel stereo mixer layout comes with three-band EQs or customizable individual knobs controlling any device parameter. An adjustable compressor on each channel allows for more dynamic mixes. Its built-in effects include reverb, chorus, delay, freeze, band, filter, and distortion.

Like Teenage Engineering, the TX-6 is more than just a recording device: it’s also an instrument tuner, effects unit, synthesizer, and drum machine. The device’s synthesizer and sequencer include four oscillator waveforms and four synthesized drum sounds. The “Tempo Sync” function allows devices connected to the TX-6 to operate in unison.

The TX-6’s audio interface feature can connect to any DAW and utilizes 12 channels via USB-C. MFi also lets you connect to iOS devices. BLE connectivity turns the TX-6 into a wireless controller for other BLE midi devices. Triggering and syncing from internal synths and sequencers from other sources is also an option.

Turning the TX–6 on its side puts it into “DJ mode”, in which it functions as a DJ mixer. Channel one becomes a fader to crossfade or cut between channels five and six.

The device connects to any audio output using a 3.5mm mini-jack, and a detachable 6.35mm jack to 3.5mm mini-jack adapter is provided . Slimline cables allow six channels to be used at once, plus a field bag for easy storage.

The TX-6 costs $1,199. More information on the Teenage Engineering website.