Swell, an audio-based app, has a new user interface that’s now available for iOS and Android

Swell, an audio-based social app, announced the release of Swell 3.0, a new user experience that delivers an immersive and engaging social experience with improved navigation and easier discovery of audio content on the platform, for iOS and Android. Sudha Varadarajan and Arish Ali, an entrepreneurial husband-wife combination, created Swell at SXSW last year, giving users a unique environment for voice-only chats.

Through the use of automatic AI-powered text snippets generated from audio content, inline image rendering, inflated tiles and more, Swell has created a “conversational navigation” experience. where users can explore an audio conversation in a non-linear fashion, quickly jumping to portions and speakers that interest them. Focus on easily discovering people and content, with “Audio Stations” as hubs automatically highlighting trending conversations, top speakers and new members. Improved navigation features allow users to search for conversations by country or language, and new search features make it easier to find people talking about topics of interest to the user.

Connecting users through meaningful and diverse topics such as health and wellness, global politics, pop culture, the LGBTQ+ community, and more, Swell is driven by real people’s voices and thoughtful engagement. And because conversations on Swell are asynchronous, users can engage at their convenience, allowing the dialogue to grow over time.

Says Arish, “We spent a year learning how our users interacted with audio content. Until recently, audio was a second-class citizen in media – it was something you did when you were doing other things – listening to a podcast while commuting, listening to an audio app while doing chores on the go. house, etc But audio is changing, and Swell is responding to the changes and needs of the audio market. This new Swell design and user experience reinforces our core value – Be You. Swell is a place where you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. On Swell, you are always surrounded by friendly voices. You can post your thoughts and opinions without fear because the responses you get are also thoughtful and genuine. Swell is in many ways anti-social media, creating community between people around the world through individual voices and the power of connection and conversation.

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  • Swell, an audio-based app, has a new user interface that’s now available for iOS and Android
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