Spotify audio streaming service drops car viewer interface for Android and iOS –

A few years ago, the audio streaming service Spotify announced the introduction of “Car View” for Android and iOS, with this new feature providing a simple user interface for users behind the wheel.

Now Spotify has announced that it is ending support for this useful feature. For those who don’t know, “Car View” supports Spotify to make its interface much simpler, showing only song titles, some relevant information and playback controls.

Spotify will remove the “Car” interface from iOS and the Android application

This interface is also known to offer larger touch areas and not have elements like lyrics, videos or something similar, so as not to distract the driver. This UI would appear exactly as your phone would connect to your car via Bluetooth, which could be set through settings.

But, as with anything tech-related, it’s time to unplug that feature, with Spotify confirming the choice to remove the feature on its community forums, first spotted by Android Police.

We can confirm we remove the car display function. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t want to improve the way our users listen to Spotify while driving.

On the contrary, we are actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience. Consider removing the sight of the car as something that needs to happen in order to make room for new innovations to come.

The article highlights the integration with Google Maps and Assistant as an alternative to the Car View user interface.

Please be indulgent with us for now. While we work behind the scenes to improve the experience, an alternative would be to listen hands-free through Google Assistant.

This feature also works with Google Maps so you can navigate while listening to Spotify. To do this, you can link your accounts and say “Hey Google, play Spotify”.

What else do we know about the popular streaming service?


In other news, according to recent reports, the number of downloads of Spotify in the Android market exceeded 1 billion May 2nd. This number is based on statistics from the Google Play Store.

Now that Google’s own audio app is no longer active, Spotify has become the most downloaded online audio app on the platform. The app previously had around 500 million downloads on the Android platform two years ago. This means that it took two years for the app to double its download figure.