Siemens Brings Subtle Medical’s MR Post-Processing AI to Open Recon Interface

Siemens Healthineers has integrated Subtle Medical’s image enhancement software for MR into the new reconstruction pipeline of its Open Recon interface.

The Siemens platform adds third-party image reconstruction and post-processing solutions directly into the image reconstruction process. For this reason, no additional steps are required to export images and the results are directly available on the scanner console.

Subtle Medical signed a partnership agreement with Siemens in December 2021 to be the first AI technology company to add its technology to the Open Recon interface. Its software, SubtleMR, uses deep learning post-processing to denoise images and improve the quality of scans captured during faster MR sequences, at lower doses. This allows patients to spend less time in the scanner, improving their experience, as well as the MR workflow.

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The solution is now accessible in the user interface and will be available on Siemens MAGNETOM Sola, Solafit and Altea scanners with NX VA51.

“Combining Subtle Medical’s unique AI software tools with Siemens Healthineers’ state-of-the-art MR scanners will provide an optimized workflow, improved image quality, and enable our customers to fully realize the clinical and operational benefits of the Subtle Medical’s AI solutions worldwide,” said Josh Gurewitz, Chief Commercial Officer of Subtle Medical.

SubtleMR can be used with major contrasts including T1, T2, T2 FLAIR, T2 (2D, 3D), and is compatible with the majority of MR exams, as well as all downstream quantitative and diagnostic applications.

It improves image quality with up to 60% faster scan times and has been clinically validated in multiple peer-reviewed journals across various sites, scanners, and patients. The technology is also generalizable for the majority of body parts and sequences.

Another partnership entered into by Subtle Medical in early July 2022 will see the solution launched at Unilabs, a diagnostic service provider in Sweden. The country will be the first to use the software.

In addition to SubtleMR, Subtle Medical has another application, SubtlePET, for the same purpose in PET. Both solutions can be used with any scanner model and field strength.