Section’s new Kubernetes Edge interface allows organizations to deploy applications at the edge as easily as on a single Kubernetes cluster

BOULDER, Colorado–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Section, a leading global Edge as a Service (EaaS) provider, today announced its new patent-pending Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI), enabling organizations to deploy workloads on a distributed edge as if it were a single cluster. KEI enables development teams already building Kubernetes applications to continue using familiar tools and workflows, such as kubectl or Helm, while deploying their application on a superior multi-cloud, multi-region, multi-vendor network. Teams interact with deployed applications as if they were running on a single cluster, while Section’s patented Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) uses policy-based controls to automatically tune, shape and optimize team workloads. background apps on Section’s Composable Edge Cloud.

“Edge deployment is simply better than centralized data centers or single clouds in most important metrics – performance, scale, efficiency, resiliency, usability, and more,” said Section CEO Stewart McGrath. “Yet organizations have historically put off adoption because it has been complicated. With the Section KEI, teams don’t have to switch tools or workflows; the distributed edge effectively becomes a cluster of Kubernetes clusters and our AEE automation and Composable Edge Cloud take care of the rest.

The Kubernetes API is the most used method by developers to orchestrate and control containers. Section’s KEI extends the Kubernetes API to connect and implement important Kubernetes resources within the Section Edge platform, allowing developers to easily move existing applications to the edge. KEI leverages familiar tools and workflows for deployment and management, making it the easiest way to distribute containers to multiple locations (multi-cluster/multi-vendor/multi-region). Additionally, edge presence requirements specified via KEI are translated into policy-based controls for the Composable Edge Cloud via Section’s Adaptive Edge Engine. AEE will adopt a simple application workload policy such as run containers where there are at least 20 HTTP requests per second and continually finding and executing the optimal edge orchestration accordingly.

While KEI greatly simplifies deployment and management at the edge, it provides powerful control allowing developers to:

  • Configure service discovery, routing users to the best container instance

  • Define complex apps, such as composite apps made up of multiple containers

  • Set system resource allocations

  • Define scaling factors, such as the number of containers per slot and the signals to use to scale in and out

  • Enforce compliance requirements such as geographic boundaries or other network properties

  • Maintain application code, configuration, and deployment manifests in an organization’s code management systems and image registries

  • Control how Adaptive Edge Engine schedules containers, manages health, and routes traffic

The Section Edge platform, the company’s Edge as a Service offering, enables organizations to easily deploy, scale and protect containers at the edge, so they can focus more on perfecting their their applications and less on network management. In addition to KEI and AEE, Section offers a Composable Edge Cloud comprised of a federation of multiple compute providers (including AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Lumen, Equinix, RackCorp, and even custom cloud infrastructure) to deliver reliability, scalability and edge. reach.

To learn more about the benefits of KEI or how to get started, contact Section.

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Section’s Global Edge hosting platform continuously optimizes Edge for each application’s unique needs and simplifies the entire application lifecycle and management for Edge.

For application engineers, the Section platform removes the burdens associated with edge infrastructure provisioning, workload distribution and orchestration, scaling, monitoring, and traffic routing, so they can focus on innovating their core product.

The Section Edge leverages a global network independent of major infrastructure vendors spanning the edge-to-cloud continuum and offers the most flexible Edge solutions to meet the unique requirements of any application.

Section is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and continues to grow its team, partners and customers around the world.