Qumulo simplifies Kubernetes workflows on unstructured data with a new container storage interface

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Qumulo, the leader in large-scale data storage and management, today announced a new Qumulo® Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver to unlock applications built on Kubernetes clusters. Applications built for Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating container deployment, scaling, and management, can now seamlessly integrate storage creation and management as part of their workflows and store and efficiently recover data through integration with the new Qumulo CSI driver. Customers using Kubernetes can now connect their containers to Qumulo on-premises or in the public, private, or hybrid cloud, while supporting multiple protocols from one namespace. This innovation makes Qumulo a key part of modernizing any business with containers.

Qumulo’s Kubernetes support makes life easier for certified Kubernetes administrators and DevOps professionals by reducing the manual processes of managing the storage of their containerized applications. Large-scale workloads with thousands to millions of operations per day become radically simple with the Qumulo Data Storage Platformallowing DevOps innovators to focus on core tasks while avoiding unnecessary workarounds for their storage needs.

“Applications that power discovery and creation are moving from monolithic applications to cloud-native microservices, built on containers and managed by Kubernetes. But these microservices need access to the same data that native applications generate and transform,” said Ben Gitenstein, vice president of product at Qumulo. “Qumulo’s new CSI driver allows customers to store unstructured data once, but serve it to an infinite number of native applications and container-based microservices, all without moving the data, copying it to disparate systems or change their workloads. Customers who store their data on Qumulo can now focus their time on building modern applications, not on moving or managing their data.

The process for enabling a Kubernetes end user to use Qumulo is straightforward. The administrator installs the Qumulo CSI in his Kubernetes cluster while configuring dynamic volumes, which provides access to Qumulo external storage for all his containerized applications. This is especially valuable for companies looking to leverage containerized infrastructures to run analytics workloads. For example, a retailer using on-demand containers to run localized analytics on their in-store operations data can now connect these applications to their operations data on the Qumulo storage platform. This in turn allows the customer to monitor, maintain, or troubleshoot through the Qumulo Analytics Dashboard on all file storage and usage data.

Kubernetes allows users to group groups of hosts running containers and helps users easily and efficiently manage these clusters. On-premises and existing cloud customers developing applications in Kubernetes environments can now easily benefit from persistent storage as part of the workflow while implementing and fully relying on container-based infrastructure in production environments.

The Qumulo CSI driver is now available as a production preview. Stay tuned for more updates as Qumulo continues to expand support for containers and DevOps needs.

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