PreSonus AudioBox Go: a lightweight and affordable audio interface

Today we take a closer look at PreSonus’ new affordable audio interface known as the AudioBox GO. After recently trying out the brand’s new dynamic USB-C mic, we also had the opportunity to test the new AudioBox GO in the studio for a few weeks. Since debuting last month as the recording brand’s entry-level recording I/O solution for your Mac and other Apple and Android devices (among others), we thought it would be a good idea to give the inexpensive new audio interface a run for its money at the latest Tested with 9to5Toys Entrance. Head below for a more in-depth review.

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PreSonus AudioBox Go review: a lightweight and affordable audio interface

The new PreSonus AudioBox Go audio interface seeks to provide a compact set of I/O options for content creators, songwriters, and music makers at an especially affordable price. The miniature bus-powered solution does just that with a 2×2 setup and just enough front-panel controls to get the job done without being overly complicated or bulky. The 4.4 x 3.3 inch box takes up very little space on your desk or on-the-go recording kit. It also offers a pair of audio inputs – a TS line input for instruments alongside a combo jack for balanced 1/4-inch connections and your XLR mic – along with a built-in microphone preamp and the expected phantom power for condenser mics you probably use.

You’ll also find a pair of 1/4″ TRS impedance balanced outputs on the rear to send audio from your DAW (or whatever you’re using) to your speakers as well as an active TRS 1 stereo headphone jack. /4″ on the front panel. As we mentioned above, this is a bus-powered audio interface that will send data to and from your computer and draw power over USB-C.

Recording Software Included: Get started right away with Studio One Prime DAW recording software and the Studio Magic software bundle featuring music tutorials, tons of sound samples, and virtual instruments.

Here is an overview of the data sheet:

  • Bus Powered: AudioBox GO is powered by your connected USB-C device, so no need for an additional power supply – works great with Apple and Android devices.
  • Connect an instrument and a microphone at the same time.
  • Headphone connection: 1 x 1/4″ TRS stereo headphone output with mix control
  • Speaker Connections: 2 balanced 1/4″ TRS main outputs for studio monitors or speakers.
  • Studio-grade converters allow up to 24-bit/96kHz recording and playback, ensuring the highest possible quality.
  • XMAX-L Professional Mic Preamp: Your microphone will sound its best with this custom low-noise, high-headroom design with 50dB of adjustable gain and switchable +48V phantom power for professional XLR condenser mics.

Taken from 9to5Toys

The PreSonus AudioBox GO is a simple, affordable audio interface that delivers exactly what it says on the box. There’s nothing too revolutionary here, but that’s basically the point – it’s an easy-to-use set of I/O options for simple home or on-the-go recording rigs that fits in the palm of your hand while offering more connectivity than your typical handheld interface.

It’s been a nice, solid overall experience that’s not going to move the needle much for hardcore pros, but is a particularly inexpensive solution for people who just need something to hook up a guitar and mic to a setup. DAWs. . It’s a great little option for songwriters or home/mobile producers and a quick and easy way to get a working XLR mic for your podcast.

As for the 2×2 models, the PreSonus AudioBox GO is one of the best options in the price range and should at the very least be an important consideration for people looking to get an affordable audio interface. It’s not going to bring the heavy or metal chassis to the table like some of the more expensive dual entry solutions, but it also comes at a much lower price than most of these and is a particularly lightweight solution in your travel kit as well.

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