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Power supplies with EtherCAT interface

October 2022
Power supply and protection

The three existing series of PS power supplies from Beckhoff have been extended to include new devices with an integrated EtherCAT interface in the PS2000 series. They facilitate the collection of additional metering and device data for comprehensive system monitoring, which can be used to increase availability and reduce downtime. Thus, for the first time, power supplies combine compact design and high performance with predictive maintenance capabilities.

These new PS2000 power supplies combine high-performance power supplies from Beckhoff with the ultra-fast EtherCAT communication standard. This allows the control system to process extended measurement data and internal device data directly, establish remote access to power supplies, and provide advanced monitoring capabilities for the DC output range (for system monitoring) or the AC input range (for mains monitoring) .

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More transparency in the operation of the plant

During system monitoring, important operating parameters such as output current and voltage are transmitted in real time and continuously updated. This allows for transparent data insights and automated detection of additional consumers subsequently added to the system. Additionally, voltage, current and temperature data can be added to the monitoring scope – for example, to monitor heat generation in the device and collect basic plant data such as the number of activations or operating hours. In single-phase network monitoring, fluctuations such as undervoltages and overvoltages are detected based on the input voltage values. A special feature is the detection of input transients, which are high, energy-rich voltage spikes in the mains supply.

Status information, error messages and warnings are also available directly in the control platform via EtherCAT, providing the best possible conditions for analyzing the operating status of an installation and detecting any errors at a early stage. In order to meet the requirements of each application, users can adapt the parameters of the signaling conditions and the power supplies by defining specific warning thresholds, for example to indicate an overcurrent. Remote access via EtherCAT also makes it possible to shut down specific sections of an installation in the event of machine downtime or failure.

Wide range of power supplies

In the 24 V DC range, the new single-phase power supplies with EtherCAT interface are available in 10 A and 20 A variants, with an output power of 240 W and 480 W, respectively. A 10 A variant with 480 W is available for the 48 V range. An optimized electronic layout achieves a high efficiency of over 96%. In addition to inrush current limiting and active harmonic correction (power factor correction or PFC), the power supplies offer wide-range input suitable for worldwide use on the input side.

With the PS1000, PS2000 and PS3000 device series, Beckhoff offers high-quality power supplies for almost all applications in the 24 V and 48 V DC ranges, including motion control applications with strict requirements for the management of the counter-EMF (electromagnetic force). Excellent convection, minimized power loss and high efficiency up to 96.3% optimize the lifespan and reliability of the devices.

Up to 150% peak power capability provides up to 1.44 kW of output power for short periods. Combined with a space-saving design and high immunity to transients and surges, this enables efficient and economical use even in harsh industrial environments. Additionally, the power supplies can trip circuit breakers quickly and accurately with an accurate trip function to prevent unnecessary machine downtime. UL-listed devices can also be used in highly specialized industries, such as those requiring approvals to SEMI 47 (semiconductor industry) or DNV GL (shipbuilding). They can also be used in hazardous areas requiring explosion protection (Class I, Division 2 – IECEx and ATEX).

A complete system reduces effort and costs

Every machine or installation requires a reliable power supply with appropriate protection. If these are additionally combined with a high-performance measurement of energy data, the advantages will become apparent already in the design phase of the machine: additional power measurement technology at the input of the power supplies provides an overview of the total power, including any losses.

With the PS series power supplies, especially those with EtherCAT technology integration, components are available for a complete and coordinated automation system, fully compliant with the PC-based control philosophy. Using the EL922x overcurrent protection terminals integrated directly into the EtherCAT I/O system, the power in the individual supply paths is continuously monitored, providing additional protection.

If the machine builder is able to avoid power peaks with this holistic approach, for example, he reduces the connected load of the plant as well as the installation costs for the end customer due to the reduced size power cables. In addition, the universal, system-integrated energy measurement technology satisfies the requirements of being able to compare the target state and the actual state of the plant directly inside the machine control system. In this way, impending damage can be detected at an early stage and potential for process optimization is easier to identify.

Until now, continuous data monitoring has most often been associated with large investments, often requiring expensive integration of external sensors, sometimes using special components. However, power supplies, power measurement terminals, current transformers and overcurrent protection terminals from Beckhoff enable continuous monitoring with standard components, and therefore reduced costs as well as reduced logistical requirements, for example for storage of special parts – even when retrofitting existing machines and plants.

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