Person Centered Software launches interface with Connected Care

Person Centered Software’s Digital Care System

Person Centered Software has launched an integration with Connecting Care, which should help with bi-directional interoperability between social services and healthcare facilities.

Connecting Care is a digital care record system for sharing information in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. It allows instant and secure access to the health and social records of professionals.

To facilitate the interoperability process, Silver Trees Care Home, part of the Handsale Group, has an interface that automatically transfers data from residents’ digital hospital packs through Person Centered Software’s digital care system to are visible in Connecting Care.

Access to Connecting Care aims to help reduce the time spent by professionals checking details of other health and social care organisations, helping to reduce treatment delays caused by a lack of information. Additionally, the integration validates the interoperability of Person Centered Software, allowing the right people to access health, mental health and social care records.

“Our interoperability program combines agreed electronic data that is collected through various systems and organizations across the region – currently covering approximately one million people,” said Fran Draper, senior project manager at Connecting Care. “This enables a role-based view of information for duly authorized healthcare professionals, in a transparent and easy-to-use format.

“We have been working with care homes since 2018 to design a useful and usable solution that allows authorized care home staff to view relevant information. Fifty-six nursing homes are currently connected to view the Connecting Care shared care record.

In order for care homes in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire to access the local shared care record, they must have achieved the Data Protection Security Toolkit “met standards” and have the required IT connectivity.

Alina Tarbar, Registered Manager at Silver Trees Care Home, said that based on the information provided by Connecting Care, the provider was now able to access accurate information, such as protection, drug allergies, consultations and lab results, which was difficult before.

Person Centered Software Managing Director Andrew Coles added, “Working alongside Connecting Care brings us one step closer to our goal of fostering joint care and interoperability across multiple digital systems.”