New interface software improves the functionality of the Atrato flowmeter

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April 13, 2022

Titan Enterprises launches advanced interface software for Atrato® ultrasonic flowmeters.

The Atrato range of patented ultrasonic in-line flowmeters consists of four models operating over a flow rate range of 2ml per minute up to 20 liters per minute. The USB connection gives the Atrato computer interface capability, allowing the user to directly monitor the measured flow rate and change operating parameters using a PC.

Titan’s development of Atrato’s new interface software includes four key feature enhancements:

1. The ability to connect, configure and operate multiple Atrato flowmeters simultaneously on one computer while minimizing CPU usage.

2. Added ability to perform simple local and remote-controlled batch operations using an integrated relay.

3. Remote start/restart capability for long periods of shutdown.

4. The ability to increase signal gain via software for liquids with poor acoustic properties.

The Atrato interface software allows the user to log flow data directly via USB. This data logging capability provides a continuous picture of the monitored system’s flow characteristics, such as flow, alarms, relays and pulses. The upgrade incorporates developments in Atrato’s in-house software and PC interface software, providing a combination of increased versatility and advanced operational functionality, providing a convenient platform for users to integrate into their processes or systems and supporting better diagnostic capability.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer at Titan Enterprises, says, “We are continually pushing our product design and performance windows and are confident that these latest software enhancements for our ultrasonic flowmeters will be well received by our customers.

The rugged, clean bore construction of Titan’s Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of low liquid flow applications. Operating with excellent accuracy over wide flow ranges, Atrato flow meters are industry proven with good chemical compatibility, ideal for laboratory applications, cooling equipment, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical processes, l water and high precision OEM applications. With no moving parts, mechanical wear is virtually eliminated, which is essential for long life and repeatability and reduces the need for recalibration.

Using proprietary integrated signal processing software developed by Titan Enterprises, viscous and inviscid liquids can be measured accurately on a routine basis. The low flows that the Atrato flowmeter is able to measure vary from laminar to turbulent and are highly insensitive to viscosity. With unparalleled variation range, repeatability and linearity, the Atrato can monitor flow over a range of 250:1. Using Atrato’s USB port, users can now directly connect their laptop to multiple flow meters and monitor flow and total flow while being able to change a selection of operating parameters.

Atrato interface software is supplied with the flowmeters and can also be downloaded from the Titan website. Although the updated software is “backward compatible” and works with older Atrato models, not all new features will be accessible.

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