Neurology and human-computer interface veteran Dr. Geoffrey Ling joins the board of pioneering Neurotech start-up Phantom Neuro

Dr. Ling’s appointment to the advisory board comes at an exceptional time for the company’s growth

AUSTIN, TX and BALTIMORE, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Neuro phantomthe first-of-its-kind neurotech startup to deliver a low-power, high-precision system for realistic control of robotic orthopedic technologies, today announced the appointment of Dr. Geoffroy Ling to the technical advisory board. Dr. Ling is the current CEO of On Demand Pharmaceuticals and was previously the founding director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) office of biological technologies, where he directed DARPA funding toward human-computer interactions. . He joins the board of renowned medical professors, senior executives and investors.

“Advancement of laboratories does not immediately equal better patient outcomes and a more efficient healthcare system; billions of dollars can be spent on research for decades, but never help a patient unless that people like those at Phantom Neuro take the results and turn them into a useful platform that can be used by patients,” Dr. Ling explained. “We are at a critical time when new technologies need to be developed, based on current scientific advances, with an emphasis on price, safety and applicability to larger populations. I have been at the forefront of technological developments in medicine over the past 30 years and have overseen many of the academic advances that make Phantom Neuro possible today. The innovations of Connor and his team are a shining example of the balance between scientific advances and the needs of the people those advances are meant to serve.

Phantom Neuro was born out of suboptimal patient outcomes seen through real-world clinical and engineering experience. Phantom Neuro’s evidence-driven philosophy has attracted key technical opinion leaders such as Dr. Sami Tuffah, assistant professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery and director of peripheral nerve surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine; dr. Nitish Thakorprofessor of biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins Medicine with decades of experience in medical instrumentation and neuroengineering and Dr. Jaimie ShoresAssociate Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Director of the Hand/Arm Transplantation Program at John Hopkins’ Comprehensive Transplant Center. Dr. Tuffaha and Dr. Thakor are both co-inventors of Phantom’s technology and scientific advisors to the company. Other investors and board members include LionBird Ventures Robert Lorddoctor and Ed MichelJD.

“Phantom Neuro is very privileged to be mentored by some of the most learned minds in medicine today, particularly in neurology, reconstructive surgery and biomedical engineering,” said Founder and CEO Dr. . Connor glass. “Dr. Ling’s vast knowledge and experience in this field not only underscores the viability of our platform, but also its implications for improving the lives of a multitude of currently underserved patient populations.

With a recent $3.26 million seed funding cycle and R&D partnership With Blackrock Neurotech solidified, Phantom is off to an explosive start in the neurotech space, having launched earlier this year.

About Phantom Neuro

Phantom is a neurotechnology company spun off from a laboratory in Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, which enables realistic control of robotic orthopedic technologies such as prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons. Phantom’s solution, the Phantom X, consists of low-risk implantable sensors, AI, and enabling software. By providing superior control of robotic orthopedic mechanisms, the Phantom X will dramatically improve the lives of people with limb difference who have yet to see tangible improvements in quality of life despite significant advances in robotics. . You can learn more about

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