macbook pro 2013 usb issues with audio interface

Hi, I have this very strange problem with a late 2013 15″ Retina MBP (ME294LL/A) 16GB 2.3GHz i7

I have an apogee symphony desktop audio interface connected via USB.

It was working fine for about 6 months when I had the climax (I bought the laptop used) and then all of a sudden when recording in Logic Pro X the audio interface just stops playing transmit audio. However, it does not disconnect from the computer, it still shows when connected, but there is no sound. There is also no sound if I try to listen to something else (youtube, spotify, etc.)

When I switch to laptop speakers on site, the sound plays. Then I go back to climax and it doesn’t work. Only a combination of restarting the interface unit itself and/or the computer makes it work again. But it only works for a few minutes before disconnecting.

The same problem occurs if I don’t even use Logic and just listen to YouTube or something. Again, the device itself (and its controlling software) does not disconnect, but no audio.

I contacted the manufacturer and we spent a week trying different things. They thought it was the unit so they sent me a new unit. The same problem occurs with the new unit.

I tried resetting nvram, smc etc. we went through all the steps with apogee tech until reinstalling the software. I even tried to do a fresh install of OSX without keeping any data.

The only other USB device to test is an Android phone and it connects fine and transfers data. No other USB device is available for testing.

I did an apple hardware test and it passed.

The problem occurs in both USB ports.

Does anyone have any advice. Could this be caused by a bad USB controller chip? It looks different to be at the port, because the device connects, and the same problem with both ports occurs.

I think maybe it needs a new motherboard? Or can I take it to the microcenter or something and have them replace just the USB controller chip?

It’s so perplexing what the problem could be! Any advice/ideas would be helpful thank you