Lumos Controls adds DALI luminaire controller, sensor and switch interface device to its smart control ecosystem

California, August 4, 2022: Lumos Controls, WiSilica’s smart lighting control ecosystem, introduces three new lighting control solutions to its extensive portfolio. The new AFD1 -DALI luminaire controller, Cyrus F – luminaire mounted light and motion sensor and Catron AI-switch interface device will expand the possibilities of intelligent lighting control for commercial businesses in the US market and European. This addition further solidifies Lumos Controls’ position as the industry’s most comprehensive lighting ecosystem, which includes everything from hardware and software components to cloud connectivity and advanced analytics.

AFD1 radiator

Radiar AFD1 is the industry’s smallest DALI fixture controller and operates on universal input voltage (90-277VAC). It is designed to make lighting controls at the fixture level easier than ever. The device has a compact form factor for easy integration inside a light fixture or junction box. Minimal wiring efforts reduce design challenges and installation complexities, saving lighting designers and contractors time. The device provides a safe and reliable solution to meet the emergency lighting requirements of smart buildings. It is also possible to generate emergency test reports to ensure occupant safety. In addition, the device has a 12V auxiliary output to power the sensors without the need for an external power supply.

Cyrus F

Cyrus F is a DC powered fixture mount dimming sensor for intelligent motion and light detection. Its compact form factor allows it to easily fit inside the fixture cavity. This 0-10V dual channel device eliminates the need for an additional controller, saving installation time, money and resources.

Catron AI

This AC-powered switch interface device converts any wired switch to wireless, making it smarter. It can be connected with 4-toggle switches or push-button switches and dimmer to control the intensity and CCT of fixtures. Using the Lumos Controls lighting app, it is possible to create a custom scene setup for each switch. The compact design of the device allows it to be easily installed in the flush-mounted box, even during renovations.

New products will make the all-rounder smarter Lumos Control Ecosystem including lighting control devices, multi-mount sensors, switches, gateways and analytical dashboards.

“With these latest products, we have taken another important step to deliver complete design freedom and ease of use,” said Vivek Pramod, senior vice president and general manager – Smart Controls. “Radiar AFD1, Cyrus F and Catron AI minimize installation challenges and make construction more flexible, energy efficient and cost effective,” he concluded.

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Lumos Controls is an intelligent control solution from WiSilica, the leading provider of IoT platforms and solutions. Built on an IoT (ARIXA) platform, this solution includes the most advanced lighting control devices, intuitive interfaces, and versatile Edge/Cloud computing that come together to create an intelligent lighting network ready for the future for smart enterprises. Lumos Controls is on a mission to unlock the extraordinary potential of light and give lighting controls a life of their own and beyond.

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