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Lewitt announced CONNECT 6, the manufacturer’s first USB audio interface. Aimed at content creators and musicians, the CONNECT 6 doesn’t just have a striking exterior design that’s sure to turn heads. It also has some very cool features, including built-in DSP for flexible routing and built-in effects processing.


Until now, the Austrian company Lewitt was best known for its innovative microphones like the LCT 640 TS, LCT 1040 and LCT 441 FLEX. With CONNECTION 6, the manufacturer now intends to conquer a share of the highly competitive USB audio interface market. What features does CONNECT 6 offer that could give it an edge over the competition?


Lewitt CONNECT 6: Your LEGO minifigures will love it!

The first thing that catches the eye is the very unusual interface design. (A colleague of mine immediately commented, “This will make a great base for LEGO minifigures!”) While this will surely turn heads, I can imagine it might be a bit too extravagant for some users, that’s the less we can say. Either way, it’s a clear indication that Lewitt is aiming for the CONNECT 6 at players, streamersand content creatorsin addition to the musicians – similar to M-Audio’s recently announced M-GAME line.

A lot of

That continues with the connectivity options, where the CONNECT 6 offers a bunch of features clearly geared towards streaming and podcasting applications. The interface has two XLR-1/4″ combo inputs for microphones and instruments, each equipped with a preamp which delivers a huge 72dB gain. Additionally, you can connect a stereo source to the 1/8″ Aux input. There are three USB-C connectors in total – one for the computer, one for a phone, tablet or second computer, and a third for power – the CONNECT 6 charges mobile devices when connected. According to Lewitt, it is possible to send and receive audio between your computer and your phone. CONNECT 6 supports both iOS and Android devices.

In terms of outputs, you get two balanced speaker outputs (1/4″), two independent headphone outputsand one 1/8″ stereo speaker output.


Lots of connectivity

One thing to consider is the interface’s complete lack of hardware controls aside from a large clickable button. There are no dedicated physical buttons for preamps and headphone outputs, nor buttons for activating phantom power or sending input sources to the monitor mix. While you can use the large push button to adjust preamp gain and headphone volume, it may not suit everyone’s workflow.

Very flexible routing

However, the routing options are really nice, and again, they’re designed for streaming and podcasting. The Integrated DSP runs a software mixer that allows you to combine microphones with audio from a computer, mobile device, or other input. In addition to three virtual stereo channelsthere is loopback channel to capture audio from a Zoom call, game, or similar computer sources. You can create two independent audio mixes, for example one for monitoring and another for sending to streaming software. Everything is controlled using the included Control center software.


The CONNECT 6 has an integrated DSP for routing and effects

But that’s not all, because the DSP can also process effects. The CONNECT 6 comes with three zero-latency DSP effects (compressor, expander, equalizer) which relieve the CPU of your computer of these tasks.

All of this combined makes for a very interesting first foray into the world of Lewitt’s audio interfaces. With its very flexible routing options, the CONNECT 6 seems like a great choice for anyone involved in streaming, gaming, or podcasting. And some of its features could also come in very handy for music production.

CONNECT 6 audio interface

Included effects: compressor, expander, equalizer

Price and availability

The Lewitt CONNECT 6 will be available for 299 € (MSRP) in about two weeks.

More information about Lewitt CONNECT 6



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