Launch of the Hyper Drumhead visual percussion interface

A new technological interface can create percussion compositions.

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SIGGRAPH is a conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques taking place in Vancouver this year.

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Presented by ACM SIGGRAPH, a global non-profit organization serving to advance computer graphics and interactive techniques, the event brings together creators, users, researchers and more. The idea is to help build “the future of digital art and interactive design”.

At this year’s event on August 10, engineer and professor Victor Zappi and UBC electrical and computer science professor Sidney Fells will introduce the Hyper Drumhead. The futuristic percussion instrument operates in a virtual sphere where you can create and modify shapes that express sounds and percussion works. The description of the new technology says:

“To play the instrument, a musician can choose to load pre-recorded sound files into a connected computer, or inject live inputs such as vocals or guitar. Each audio source is assigned to a specific area of ​​the instrument. Changing the dimensions of the shape changes the pitch or other aspects of the music, and the musician can remix and layer different tracks to create a complete piece of music.