Lakewood Updates Authorization Interface – The Suburban Times

Town of Lakewood announcement.

Lakewood, Washington – The Town of Lakewood has migrated to a new permitting software: CED +.

The interface matches the license dashboards used elsewhere in Pierce County, providing applicants and the interested public with a simple, standardized experience in all jurisdictions.

The City previously relied on email and cloud storage to exchange documents and instructions with applicants. This new system promises a smoother and simpler process. A single online dashboard allows applicants to file documents, pay fees, schedule inspections and review permit status.

The public can retrieve reports on recent permit activity, examine the status of a particular permit, and more.

The dashboard also has a live chat feature. The chat line will be staffed with a competent City employee during normal development center hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.

“This new system modernizes the city’s planning department. Authorization will be easier, faster and more transparent. This system may already be familiar to some Pierce County permit applicants, but it is a big step forward for us to complete our migration to this software.

– Courtney Brunell, Planning Manager, Town of Lakewood

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The new dashboard can be accessed here. Older permits can still be reviewed through the Archived permit search. Permit questions can be sent to [email protected]