inLux SEM-Raman interface from Renishaw Raman Spectroscopy

Renishaw, the pioneers of combining Raman spectroscopy with scanning electron microscopes (SEM), have launched their latest product, the inLux SEM Raman interface. Adding the inLux interface to your SEM enables in situ Raman spectroscopy which provides highly specific chemical and structural characterization to complement your SEM information. The inLux interface is compatible with SEMs from all major manufacturers and can be easily added to new and existing SEMs on site. The innovative design of the inLux interface allows Raman measurements to be performed while the sample is under the SEM beam. This allows simultaneous Raman, photoluminescence (PL) or cathodoluminescence (CL) measurements with SEM imaging, making experimental workflows easier and faster.

The inLux interface can be used without it being necessary to move the sample, even during cartographic measurements. This allows simple and accurate correlation between Raman data and SEM images. When not in use, the inLux probe can be removed from the SEM chamber allowing completely independent use of the SEM. The inLux interface offers a full range of Raman functionality. You can collect spectra from single points, multiple points, or generate 2D and 3D confocal Raman images.

The inLux interface is fully equipped for all this work as standard, allowing you to analyze areas larger than 0.5mm in each axis. Fully encoded position control, down to 100 nm, ensures accurate sample movement. You can equip the inLux interface with up to three fiber optic modules, two different Raman excitation wavelengths from 405 nm to 785 nm and an optional CL probe. These modules provide flexibility when dealing with fluorescent or difficult samples. The inLux interface is used in conjunction with Renishaw’s research-grade Raman spectrometers and software. This offers full processing and analysis capabilities while being intuitively simple to use. From the identification of industrial contamination to academic research; the inLux interface can help you get the most out of your SEM.

Tim Batten, Product Manager, said, “Renishaw has been manufacturing combined SEM Raman solutions for over 20 years. The inLux interface is the culmination of our expertise. It has been specifically designed as an easy-to-use bolt-on SEM accessory, opening the world of Raman analysis to all SEM users.