iExec launches the iExec Portal, a new interface to engage and reward the community

By launching the iExec Portal, iExec is implementing an interface where individuals can participate in community-related decisions while being recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

Featured image for iExec

Featured image for iExec

LYON, France, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iExeca decentralized marketplace for IT assets, today announces the launch of the iExec Portal, a new user-friendly interface for its community. With the iExec Portal, iExec aims to better support its growing community by offering them the ability to vote on community-related decisions, recognize their contributions to the project with a community rewards program, and help them get the most out of their RLC – the iExec Token.

Involve iExec subscribers in community-related decisions

As the community grows, iExec aims to involve individuals more closely in community-related activities. To achieve this, the iExec portal introduces a voting system. Via proposals submitted by the iExec team, subscribers can now have a say in decisions affecting the community. For example, deciding on the format of AMA sessions, awarding community rewards or even deciding on future features of the iExec portal.

Using the Snapshot platform, the iExec community can vote on submitted proposals. Each vote is weighted by the amount of RLC held. Anyone who holds RLC tokens in their wallet can vote and have their say. Voting works by taking a “snapshot” of the number of tokens held in the wallet at the time of voting. It costs no RLC or Ethereum gas fees.

Reward the community for their contributions to the project

iExec is proud to have an engaged community that supports the project. To recognize the contributions of its subscribers, iExec has launched a community rewards program. This new program recognizes and rewards the most active and engaged members of the community for their contributions to the project. RLC awards are given out monthly for contributions ranging from content creation to technology expertise. From the iExec portal, users can learn more about the types of awards available and what they can do to qualify for the awards.

iExec subscribers will also have the ability to claim NFT POAP collectibles after contributing to the project or participating in events. These collectibles will be displayed on the iExec portal.

Give wearers an interface to get the most out of their RLC

Another goal of iExec Portal is to provide the community with an interface for their RLC wallet, allowing holders to view their wallet balance. Additionally, the iExec portal offers educational resources on other ways to use their tokens such as platforms like Uniswap or Bancor.

Finally, the iExec portal provides a single entry point for project resources and products. For example, the Oracle iExec factory to create custom oracles from any type of data in less than 5 minutes, or iExec Developer Rewards Program application form, where developers can submit their project based on the iExec protocol.

Speaking of the new platform, Head of Adoption at iExec, Nelly Cornejo noted:

With the iExec portal, we want to provide an open door where everyone can join and benefit from our dynamic ecosystem. The iExec portal will be a place to listen to our community, recognize and reward them for their contributions, and help them get the most out of their RLC tokens.

A Metamask or Portis wallet is required to login to the iExec portal. More features will be added in the future, to provide the best experience for the iExec community.

Visit the iExec Portal here.

About iExec

iExec is a blockchain company that provides a decentralized marketplace for computing assets, allowing anyone to monetize datasets, decentralized applications, and computing power. The Ethereum blockchain makes it possible to organize exchanges between players with maximum confidence and security, without centralized authority. iExec has its native utility token, the RLC, used as a payment method in the marketplace. The RLC token is listed on over 40 exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Bithumb, Huobi, etc.

To learn more about iExec and their new community-driven platform, visit their main website here.

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