How to use WhatsApp’s new voicemail interface

WhatsApp is one of the most convenient and widely used messaging apps for people around the world. Its end-to-end encryption and comprehensive features are very useful and intuitive. The Meta-owned app regularly brings new features to give users a better experience. Recently, WhatsApp updated its voice note feature with a new interface.

The new updated feature allows users to preview voicemail messages, speed up voicemail playback, and for iOS users, listen to the voicemail message even after leaving the chat.

“They bring you closer to your friends and family than a text and unlike a call, give you the freedom to message – and for them to listen – when it’s most convenient,” said the company about the new voice note interface.

The feature is for iOS users for now, and Android users are still unable to play the voice after leaving the chat from which they received the message.

Let’s see how you can use these features, starting from voice note feature of iOS users.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone

Step 2: Open the individual chat in which you received the voice note

Step 3: Press Play to listen to the voice note

Step 4: Once the audio has started playing, exit the chat

Step 5: You will now see an audio player at the top of the screen

Step 6: You can pause or play the voice note from the audio player.

How to preview the message

Step 1: Open the chat you want to send the voice note to

Step 2: Tap the microphone icon, drag it up and start locked hands-free recording.

Step 3: Save the message

Step 4: Tap End when you’re done speaking

Step 5: Press play to listen to the recording, you can listen by pressing anywhere.

How to speed up voice note

Step 1: Open the chat box in which the voice note is received

Step 2: Listen to the voice note

Step 3: When you press play you will see the 1x icon

Step 4: If you keep pressing, the icon will change to 1.5x or 2x.

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