Hollywood record producer ‘amazed by fidelity’ of portable audio interface

Hollywood record producer ‘amazed by fidelity’ of portable audio interface

UNITED STATES – A few months ago, songwriter, producer and mixer Mike Pepe was looking for a studio monitor controller for his Studio C, part of Barefoot Recording (formerly Crystal Industries) and got got a Nero Audient.

Mike has a long list of rock/pop audio engineering credits including Taking Back Sunday, As It Is and Sydney Sprague and spent some time looking for a desktop monitor controller with a decent feature set that doesn’t sacrifice faithfulness. Nero fits the bill exactly. He describes him as “masterful in what he does. High quality audio with all the options I want in a sturdy little box that can sit right in the studio and not get in the way. I love the assignable headphone sends and all the routing options it has. It’s also a completely transparent box that powers my monitor setup, that’s all I want!

While Nero was his primary requirement, Mike also mentioned that he was looking for a quick and easy audio interface that is travel-friendly. Specifically for his mobile rig, when doing production or recording work away from his main setup at Barefoot. Audient’s Tim Jones was quick to recommend the EVO 8 audio interface. It turned out to be an instant hit! “It was just awesome,” he says.

“It’s very typical because when I’m doing pre-production with a band that I’m going to do a record for, we get together in their rehearsal room or some other place to start nailing the songs and finishing all the rewrites we may want My EVO 8 and my laptop with Pro Tools come with me and I can capture the performance of any changes or pre-pro I need in the space with them I bring the pre- pro in my biggest studio and am amazed at the fidelity the EVO 8 achieves time after time.

“After running some of the raw signal through some choice outboard gear in my studio, there are many times a vocal or guitar etc. that I cut in place with a band will be nearly indistinguishable if I had it cut here in my biggest studio,” he explains. Indeed, it is not uncommon for some of these outdoor recordings to be part of the final disc. “I’ve also kept some elements from the EVO 8 pre-production recordings on several occasions and used them in the final productions and it blends so well next to whatever was cut in my larger space. .”

High praise indeed from this producer with golden ears. Yet it’s not just the sound that makes the EVO 8 so appealing to Mike. “I also like its ease of use and quick setup. I can get a Pro Tools session started in no time,” he says. “That way I can get to the most important things, like talking with the band about parts and songs, knowing I’m ready to capture an idea at any time!”

Customers also seem to like the aesthetics of the 4-in/4-out audio interface. “A lot of times the artist thinks it’s a Bluetooth speaker and he’s amazed when I plug in a cable and it turns on, boots up Pro Tools and we’re ready to record.”

Luckily, EVO 8 has also been invaluable to his recently launched YouTube channel, a project he’s been working on in his spare time for fun. Diving deep into aspects of recording, production and mixing and drawing on his 15 years of experience, he uses his channel to connect with people who have asked him about his process. “It’s a pretty in-depth nerd discussion,” he says, and adds that EVO 8 is “by far the best interface I’ve used to make the videos.”

In the meantime, Mike is unlikely to be far from his trusty EVO 8. “I also use it at home when I want to tune vocals or edit drums and feel like doing it in my living room rather to go to my main studio. It’s the first mobile interface that I feel comfortable using at home to edit important pieces of productions.

July 19, 2021