Here’s what we know so far

Google could launch Pixel Watch on May 26 this year. Many Google Smartwatch leaks and renders have been revealed, but the company has not given any official information about the watch. Also Read – Google Pixel 6a and the first Pixel smartwatch could launch on the same day

The new report says Google Pixel Watch is expected to have a Skin interface feature, a combination of sensors that can recognize gestures made outside the watch body. As a reminder, Google filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2020. The patent was called “Skin Interface for Wearable Devices: Sensor Fusion to Improve Signal Quality”. Also Read – Google Pixel Watch Renders Reveal Key Design Details: Know the Details

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The latest reports indicate that the tech giant is working on “sensor fusion”. Previously, Google speculated that Google would announce the Pixel Watch at Google IO 2021. However, things didn’t go as planned. Google has announced other rumored products, including the Pixel 6 Pixel 5a, but not the Pixel Watch. Also Read – Google Could Launch Its First Smartwatch Next Year With These Features

It has been revealed through leaked reports that Google’s watch is codenamed “Rohan” and it can come in three color options – gray, black and gold.

Google Pixel E Watch

The watch will have basic fitness tracking features, including step counting and a heart rate monitor. Google is also reportedly working on launching Fitbit integration into Wear OS with the new watch when it launches.

Previous renders reveal that the smartwatch may come in a slim form and a curved display around a metal frame. A large crown button was displayed on the right side of the dial, but the report did not specify what the switch would be used for.

On the other hand, if we talk about the features, the renders revealed some trackers including map integration, heart rate monitoring and step counter. The feature list included SPO2 (oxygenation) tracking, sleep apnea detection, sleep analysis, heart rate alert, recovery time monitoring, stress tracking, heart rate matching. medical devices and gym equipment, rape detection and calorie tracking.