Here’s the new Xbox UI in action

Xbox Experiences Senior Product Manager Ivy Krislov said gamers spend most of their time on the home page when interacting with the user interface. And this software update will allow Xbox users to customize this space and could allow everyone to organize things as they see fit.

He added that they are “always listening and learning how we can do better here while keeping your experience fast and familiar.” For this reason, Xbox is launching a series of experiences that will last a few months and try to meet the main trends and fan requests.

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Xbox UI Changes

According to Krislov, testers can see the new layout and changes designed to improve quality of life in apps and games. System apps, visual identifiers and the most consistent design elements are some of the most important aspects, as well as the “go back” function which allows you to return to your game wherever you are in the interface user.

This redesign comes after many other changes Microsoft has introduced to the Xbox interface. The console also started booting much faster than before by shortening the boot animation. Another feature currently in development adds warning badges to the “My Games & Apps” section, which will notify users if they don’t have the license or disc for specific games.

As for the blue team, PlayStation has also added some major new features to the PS5 UI. This includes support for 1440p and the ability to create game lists. The Xbox user interface hasn’t changed from generation to generation, this allows it to be more mature and feature-rich while having fewer bugs. Hopefully Sony continues this trend as well.