HealthSnap Receives Second Graphical User Interface (GUI) Patent for Virtual Care Management Platform’s RPM Visual Transmission Schedule Billing Feature

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/August 23, 2022/ HealthSnap, a Miami-based full-service virtual care management platform for chronic disease management, today announced that it has been granted a second Graphical User Interface (GUI) patent by the Office of United States Patents and Trademarks (USPTO) for its one-of-a-kind visual transmission schedule for remote patient monitoring (RPM) billing.

This follows Announcement of HealthSnap’s first patent earlier this year for its Eligibility Report, the company’s visual billing automation feature. Both patented tools are available on HealthSnap’s Provider Portal and work together seamlessly to simplify billing and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance requirements for care management CPT codes.

The company’s latest patent, received in the second quarter of 2022, is for HealthSnap’s Transmission Schedule, which displays a visual representation of patient data transmission days toward RPM reimbursement eligibility for CPT code 99454. Both patents extend beyond RPM to include chronic care management (CCM) billing codes as well. These new patented tools have been specifically designed to make it easy for healthcare providers to comply with CMS guidelines, eliminating manual work and ensuring transparent billing.

“We are proud to announce our second patent and believe it highlights our unique customer-centric approach to creating a platform that puts user experience first. We approached building a unified platform that simplifies the management of billing compliance and operational elements for providers so they can focus their time providing the best patient care.We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing virtual care reimbursement landscape,” said Chase Preston, co-founder and chief product officer.

HealthSnap’s patented tools help automate the tasks required to successfully document and receive RPM and CCM reimbursement in a compliant manner, including patient registration workflows, clinical documentation automation, and visual reporting eligibility for the CPT code, all of which allow providers to spend less time on compliance. and office work and more time to provide patient care.

HealthSnap provides virtual care management solutions that help healthcare providers virtually manage chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and heart failure by combining the power of one platform integrated care management that supports RPM and CCM programs, pre-configured and cellular health. patient care management devices and services in one integrated solution.

By providing full-service care management tools and services, HealthSnap provides a paradigm of proactive, continuous, home-based care delivery – where chronic conditions occur. As a result, HealthSnap was able to demonstrate better patient outcomes, reduced utilization, and marked improvements in the overall patient experience. To date, HealthSnap has contracts with over 100 physician groups, including Top 25 Health Systems, Federal Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and private physician groups.

About HealthSnap

HealthSnap is an integrated virtual care management platform that helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, reduce utilization, and diversify revenue streams. From chronic disease-independent remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) to AI-guided care coordination, virtual care delivery, automated care management billing, population analysis – and much more, HealthSnap is the easiest way to manage chronic conditions remotely.

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