Health Recovery Solutions Launches Medication Therapy Interface to Monitor Adherence, Send Reminders and Instructions

Based in Hoboken Health Recovery Solutions said it recently deployed an integrated medication management interface that will allow care teams to monitor medication adherence and push reminders and instructions directly from their electronic medical records to the patient’s remote monitoring technology.

HRS said this advancement will increase patient adherence, while easing clinicians’ workload by reducing duplicate documentation across multiple platforms.

HRS’ Medication Processing Interface helps healthcare providers reduce medication errors by creating a seamless integration between the healthcare provider’s EMR and ClinicanConnect, HRS’ integrated clinical portal.

Through the adoption of the Medication Interface, HRS will integrate the customer’s built-in EMR medication module and enable any customer’s telehealth providers to receive a notification in the HRS clinical portal when a new medication is prescribed at a telehealth patient; allowing them to quickly review medication, change the patient’s medication regimen, and create personalized reminders to help the patient adjust to their updated medication regimen.

In addition to personalized medication reminders, HRS’ telehealth and remote patient monitoring technology enables clinicians to provide personalized education and instructions to patients about their conditions, symptoms and plan of care, including diet. medicated. With over 90 disease-specific care plans and over 15 peripheral devices to remotely capture biometrics and vital signs, HRS technology can be used to manage nearly any patient and disease state at home. .