Google Pixel Watch could work via gestures using the Skin Interface feature

Google is rumored to be expanding its consumer electronics portfolio by introducing its own smartwatch. With the way Google has lined up its products, the wearable is expected to be called Google Pixel Watch. While not much is known about Google’s smartwatch, a new report suggests the company is working on introducing something called “sensor fusion,” which is a combination of sensors that can recognize gestures. performed outside the body of the watch itself.

New Feature Details

The report comes from the Dutch technology website which states that the said Google Pixel Watch has been in the works for quite some time now. The report is also in line with a patent that Google filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2020, titled “Skin Interface for Wearable Devices: Sensor Fusion to Improve Signal Quality.” With the patent filed, Google intended to use patches of human skin as gesture-recognition pads.

The new report is now talking about something called Sensor Fusion. The sensor fusion will apparently use an accelerometer combined with many other sensors to recognize a designated area of ​​skin around the smartwatch. This would mean, for example, that Google Pixel Watch will be able to recognize wrist patches both before and before the watch itself.

Said patches will then be able to recognize different gestures which would then be picked up by the software of the watch. The software would then respond to commands accordingly. This could ultimately mean that no buttons are required on Google Pixel Watch and all functions can be handled through the gestures themselves.

The smartwatch has been in the works for a long time and yet no reliable rendering is available at the moment. Google is likely to bring something really innovative with its Google Pixel Watch. Although a possible render shared by Jon Prosser suggests there will be at least one button on the wearable and it won’t rely entirely on gestures. However, we can only wait to hear if Google introduces the “skin interface” which could make the smartwatch stand out in the market.