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“First of all, it is true that I arrested people whom we suspected of being kidnappers because the bailiffs colluded, compromised and abused their functions under the pretext of debt collection.

And this particular group – this particular bailiff called Kamusiime and the particular police officers they work with – had on a previous occasion decided to kidnap one of the people they had a case with in court and they came to report a warrant stop and they I did not understand.

While they knew the procedure for enforcing a court order, they never followed any of the procedures.
Instead, they arrived at the home of this person whose name was Rwanyabushozi.
He was’nt here, [so] they broke down the doors.

During this time I called the [district police commander] DPC from Kazo, who told me he was unaware of this operation and he said he did not sanction it.

He asked me the name of the policeman who had deployed and he called them back.
So, we tried to find out because there is a procedure on how court orders and court arrest warrants are carried out.

When they are all aware that this is not an isolated case, the public [is] terrifies me now.
I cannot allow bailiffs, money lenders and certain court officers who terrorize the public to use the police, who are corrupt, to extort money from people, seize them and throw them in police cells and demanding money from them.

In this specific case, first when they failed in the first instance and they saw that they had not gone through the right channels, then they went to get letters from the police.

Even the arrest warrant itself makes it clear that the role of the police should not be involved in the arrest. It’s up to them to testify, but in the first case, they were the ones breaking down the doors and threatening the family.

When they arrived, they reached this person’s house and just found him in the living room, grabbed him and the policeman grabbed him by the belt and he begged, “Can I put my clothes on?” Can I put on my shoes? They said, “no”. Then he begged, “Can I talk to my wife?” They said, “Where’s the phone?”

They rushed over, grabbed the phone from the charger and they confiscated it and he said, “Can I tell my wife who is at the mall that I was taken away?” They said, “No.”

So when they did what they wanted to do and drove, I heard someone had been caught.

And with the background of previous experience, I waited on the road.
When they arrived, I said, “Who are you kidnapping people?
They said they were bailiffs; then they showed me a court order.
It was very clear that the action was illegal.
They were abusing the judicial process. These so-called officers of justice.

They had failed to do the due process necessary to obtain letters from the police headquarters, the regional police commander and the DPC and they had violated all human rights when the arrest warrant stated that the police had to witness everything to make sure everything was done in an orderly fashion.

The letters from police headquarters make it very clear that everything must be done in a peaceful and humane manner.

These have not only violated human rights, but are detaining someone incognito, throwing them in jail and extorting money from them.

I had obtained a piece of the arrest document showing how they had attempted an illegal act, and I was ready to confront them.

Now, this follows many other cases of people who are seized by the connivance of judicial officers, certain judicial officials, including certain corrupt magistrates who do not respect the procedure, the law in order to extort the money.

If you go to police cell jails, most jails are about debts. If you are going to touch a civil case, especially if you arrest someone without informing a local authority, inform the LC I.
In all these cases, the LC I was unaware of. And once you’ve arrested someone, you have to notify the immediate person’s next of kin, but there are so many such cases.

We launched an offensive against the terror of the people by the Kafuna (money lenders) using the police to collect debts.

Police cells are now filled to extort money from the public, and we’ll get to the bottom of that and use that as an example.

There are a lot of protests and worries in the public. I discussed it with the IGP who set up an investigation into the whole affair.

So he is being independently investigated and we will come to the end of this.
I want to tell you that we are not going to allow any violation of the human rights of the people by corrupt policemen, or corrupt bailiffs, corrupt money lenders who do not follow due process.

You don’t arrest someone in a civil case like a capital crime.
Those who claim to be officers of the law are the greatest lawbreakers, and they are the ones who abuse justice and the court. It’s not one, it’s not two, it’s normal practice!

The public is terrified and we are not going to continue like this. We will oppose it.
I did what I could to save someone who had been abducted and inhumanely abused and he didn’t know where they were taking him.

It was about a rescue of an abducted person manhandled at his home in civil matters and by the police and the bailiff.

The role of the police and the instructions of the police leaders were to testify; not to participate in the arrest.