Garmin Venu 2 Plus Tutorial and User Interface Guide

This is just a really quick post to let you know about a new full length video I just posted. This is a complete tutorial on how to use the watch. A mix between my usual “in-depth user interface and menus” and a beginner’s guide. I’ve been making UI guides for years, but recently started tweaking them very lightly to be more useful as a tutorial with tips and tricks, rather than just showing all of the menu pieces. . In other words, this is a video version of my really lengthy written reviews. Whereas my typical YouTube “reviews” are quicker and focus more specifically on what’s new and how effective it is.

As such, the user guides / tutorials are all at a slightly slower pace than my usual videos, which means a pretty much steady conversational pace that’s understandable to most humans. ??

The focus / camera in the video is almost exclusively on the watch and how to use all of the features inside it, including all the most recent features. The video is split into a bunch of YouTube chapters, so you can find the most interesting part – or start over from the beginning. And, for the more geeky, it’s worth checking out the “Making Phone Calls from the Wrist” section, as DesFit and I are making a Venu 2 Plus wrist-to-wrist phone call to Venu 2 Plus 5,000 miles away. distance.

Here are all the sections, with clickable links that take you directly to that chapter marker:

0:00 Presentation
0:46 The basics of the hardware
3:27 Watch faces and display modes
5:28 Widgets and activity data
8:48 Health Snapshots
10:07 Sport mode details and customization
16:42 Post-workout data
17:32 Voice assistants
18:57 Quality of music and speakers
20:16 Make phone calls from the wrist (Demo / Test)
22:55 Emergency Assistance & Safety
25:49 Remains of quick tips and tricks

And technically speaking, pretty much everything here, except the Voice Assistance, Speakerphone, and Phone Call sections, also applies to the original Venu 2 / 2S.

As always, if you have any suggestions for topics to cover in future UI guides / tutorials (or any ideas for that matter) then definitely drop a note below! I’ve tried to strike a balance between what most people are probably trying to figure out and the ultra-geek details. Maybe I just need to do a “Geeks Guide” too …

Anyway, thanks for watching and reading!