Focusrite’s new podcast audio interface launches today

Focusrite today unveils its new range of podcast audio interfaces. The Vocaster One and Vocaster Two – along with a series of studio packs including mics, headphones and accessories – are specifically aimed at content creators and podcasters looking to introduce sleek, lightweight I/O into their production studios. A series of automatic tone and input level adjustments highlight the features set here alongside the sleek designs and rounded form factor. See below for more details.

New Focusrite Vocaster podcast audio interface

Focusrite’s two new Podcast Audio Interfaces offer interesting auto-tuning features for the studio. The first is auto-gain, which allows users to speak into their microphone for 10 seconds before automatically adjusting the input volume with the push of a button. The second is known as the Enhance function, which uses a series of selectable presets to introduce compression and certain EQ curves into the recording path to, as the name suggests, improve the tonal quality of your voice. (or whatever you want). registration). Both new Vocaster audio interfaces also offer quick mute buttons and a loopback function allowing people to mix audio from their connected computer with the mic input signal.

Vocaster One is the entry-level model with a single mic preamp (phantom power included), main speaker outputs and headphone jack plus a pair of large top-mounted control knobs for audio gain. input, headphone level, etc. One is flanked by a pair of pop-up LED meters that measure different signals depending on what you’re doing at the time.

The Vocaster Two podcast audio interface, as you might imagine, brings all of that and more to the table. It features a pair of mic preamps and headphone outputs along with dedicated top-mounted control knobs for each. Another major difference separating the Vocaster Two from its slightly less capable sibling is Bluetooth connectivity. (So, for example, you can easily connect it to your smartphone to call guests into your broadcast.)

Or all with mics and more

You can also choose to bundle one of the new audio interfaces in the range with Focusrite’s Studio Packs. They feature Focusrite’s Vocaster DM1 dynamic microphone, the cable you’ll need to connect it, and a pair of HP60v studio headphones for mixing on the Vocaster One. The Vocaster Two includes all of that, but with the dynamic microphone and more premium DM14v accessories instead.

The Focusrite Vocaster One podcast audio interface goes for $199.99 and the Vocaster Two arrives at $299.99. Both listings are slowly starting to appear on Amazon as we speak.

9to5Toys review:

Vocaster audio interfaces may not be revolutionary, but audio interfaces rarely are. In most cases, you want something that fits your price range, offers quality controls, has preamps from a well-known audio brand, and looks great on your desk. If you ask me, given the price of entry here, the new Focusrite Vocaster podcast audio interfaces tick all the boxes. Add the new (and yet probably very useful to some people) Auto Gain Input and Vocal Enhancement features, and you’ve got a compelling solution for any budding podcast setup.

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