Focusrite Vocaster – Series of audio interfaces perfect for podcasters

Focusrite Vocaster – Series of audio interfaces perfect for podcasters

Chances are, when you think “audio interface”, some little red device from Focusrite comes to mind. It sometimes feels like one of the English manufacturer’s Scarlett-series models was everyone’s first interface, but thankfully that’s not all they have to offer creatives – the all-new Focusrite Vocaster composed of Vocaster One and Vocaster Two, are the perfect interfaces for creating podcasts.

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The One and Two are similar but not identical, with the former being aimed more at solo builders and the latter being a more versatile and powerful upgrade. The pair of models share some key features (70dB gain range, enhancement with four presets, auto gain, audio out to camera, easy start and phantom power) and differ mainly in that the Two is better when more one person is involved – the Two has 2 mic inputs instead of 1, 2 headphone outputs (instead of – you guessed it, 1), and a mute option for host and “guest” instead of just for the host. The Two also has Bluetooth connectivity (which the One lacks), so it could very well be more useful even if it’s just you recording on your own. Both models come with Hindenburg lite, 3 months of SquadCast Pro + Video, six months of Acast Influencer and an optional 6 month free trial of Hindenburg Pro, so whichever Vocaster you choose, you’ll have everything you need. you need to start podcasting right from the start.

The Focusrite Vocaster One and Two are now available for pre-order on the official Focusrite website: The One costs £189.99/€219.99 while the Two costs £289.99/€329.99. Both can also be ordered as part of a “Studio” package, which includes the Vocaster DM1 mic, HP60V closed-back headphones, microphone cable and microphone clip. The One Studio package costs £289.99 / €329.99 and the Two Studio package is priced at £469.99 / €549.99. All Vocaster units should be available for delivery from August.

Want to get a quick video preview of the Vocaster? Check out the trailer below!

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Image credit: Focusrite