Flexible software interface with great effect

When buying professional coffee machines, networking plays an increasingly important role. Coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer is one of the industry pioneers when it comes to digitizing coffee machine operations.

With the Schaerer Prisma, the company now adds a customizable API (application programming interface) to its digital toolbox that allows Schaerer coffee machines to be easily connected to customer-specific applications, software solutions and systems (e.g. CRM or ERP). “The Schaerer Prisma offers our customers almost unlimited possibilities to use digital functions to improve their café operations. Some examples are the connection to apps for ordering and payment as well as the creation of loyalty programs and the use of coffee machines in unmanned convenience stores,” explains Sandro Bianchi, product manager of Schaerer AG. In addition to its ability to adapt to individual IT infrastructures and customer requirements, the Schaerer Prisma also functions as a local connection which enables much faster data transfer than cloud-based APIs, as the sending data between the cloud and the coffee machine is omitted.

With the Schaerer Coffee Link, Schaerer launched a powerful digital platform for the optimization of coffee operations five years ago and continues to develop it to this day. Around 90,000 machines worldwide are now connected to the Schaerer Coffee Link and offer Schaerer customers around the world a wide range of possibilities, from support in daily operations to service and maintenance and model development. entirely new businesses. Solutions for mobile payment, remote control of coffee machines or the development of cloud-based interfaces for integration into customer systems are also already part of the company’s range of digital services.

Fast and reliable

“The Schaerer Prisma is another digital tool that helps our customers take advantage of the many opportunities offered by digitalization and master their challenges,” says Bianchi. The software architecture of the interface has several advantages: In order to meet specific customer requirements, only the API has to be adapted — in some cases, complex modifications to the basic coffee machine software are no longer necessary. Furthermore, Schaerer Prisma is a local application. “Like many other manufacturers, we still use cloud-based API solutions for certain applications. However, a local connection like with the Schaerer Prisma has the advantage of enabling secure and significantly faster data transfer between the coffee machine and the customer’s system,” explains Bianchi. Thanks to direct communication with the coffee machine, for example, payment can be recorded and confirmed at the coffee machine in unmanned cafes even before the customer has left the store.

The most recent and particularly innovative example of the application of the Schaerer Prisma is the use of the API for the unmanned modular store concept of a well-known Swiss company. The store must provide food, cold drinks and coffee to employees 24/7 in office buildings without sales staff. The concept relies on facial recognition for customer identification and payment for food and coffee. To do this, the Schaerer coffee machine had to be connected via API to the facial recognition technology as well as the client software. Bianchi says: “From the first call to see if we could realize this vision, the preparation of the first coffee specialties took only two weeks, including the delivery of the machine and the integration of the interface. The unmanned store concept is scheduled to be launched in 2022. “Thanks to the flexibility of the Schaerer Prisma, the range of applications can be easily extended at any time. We already have some ideas for that.”

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Schaerer SA

Founded in 1892 and based in Zuchwil, Switzerland, Schaerer AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fully automated professional coffee machines. As a traditional company with many years of history, the Schaerer brand stands for Swiss values ​​combined with in-depth knowledge of coffee. The company expresses these brand attributes with the corporate logo “Swiss coffee competence” and experiments with them both in the development of its products and in the Coffee Competence Center, the own coffee expertise and training centre. from Schaerer to Zuchwil. In addition, Schaerer is characterized by extreme flexibility with the guiding principle “We love it your way” – whether with reference to customer requests, customer-specific products and large orders or the product range that offers the customer a wide range of custom configuration options. Customer-focused and with an in-depth knowledge of coffee, Schaerer helps customers of all sizes around the world provide their customers with the highest level of coffee enjoyment.

Schaerer has been part of WMF since 2006 and of the French consortium Groupe SEB since the end of 2016. All of the Group’s B2B brands are brought together in the consolidated sales organization “SEB PROFESSIONAL”. In addition to Schaerer, it includes the WMF and Wilbur Curtis coffee machine brands as well as the Professional Hotel Equipment division with the WMF Professional and HEPP brands.