Emerson’s New I/O Interface Software

Emerson, a global software and engineering leader, launched DeltaVMT IO.CONNECT, a new subscription software service designed to help factories simplify modernization with an open architecture path that enables the move to more efficient control schemes without the need to completely overhaul existing infrastructure. In a traditional factory with tens of thousands of I/O points and many controllers, this can save hundreds or thousands of labor hours and up to 40% of the capital required for a total upgrade with replacement.

Many factories still using control systems from 20 or 30 years ago are unable to take advantage of modern digital technologies that optimize operations and improve sustainability. Modernizing these systems is complicated by the time, labor and capital expenditure required to convert the old wiring, terminations and other infrastructure on which they are built, leaving factories “locked in” legacy control technologies and expensive service contracts.

DeltaV IO.CONNECT provides a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to replace any legacy system with a new DeltaV distributed control system while leaving the existing I/O infrastructure in place. The solution is provided as a subscription software component of Emerson’s GuardianMT Support offering, helping factories always stay up-to-date, achieve strategic goals and meet business needs with future-proof operation. No legacy vendor software is required for I/O configuration and maintenance.

By preserving existing I/O and leaving wiring intact, factories can reduce new system transition time by more than 90%, maintain production pace, reduce risk, and minimize downtime. Once the interface is installed and the plant is running new control technologies, technicians can update I/O on their preferred schedule while the plant is running, transferring what was previously a capital expense towards the operating budget and resulting in an immediate return on investment through an improved process. monitor performance.

“Many best practices for better visibility and improved performance are beyond the reach of many factories that still use legacy equipment today,” said Claudio Fayad, vice president of technology for the systems and solutions business of Emerson process.

“Additionally, many of the older systems are nearing the end of their product support life cycle, forcing some factories to upgrade on a very tight schedule. DeltaV IO.CONNECT enables industrial plants to choose a digital control system with all the advanced automation features they need, while scaling at their own pace to better manage downtime and transition-related capital expenditures Fayad said.

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