Connect ONE cloud-hosted management interface releases major upgrades

Monument, Colorado, January 7, 2022 — Connected Technologies LLC, maker of the award-winning Connect ONE® cloud management platform that controls intrusion, access control, video surveillance, critical environmental monitoring, and environmental management systems. energy, recently completed a full app update.

Starting with a whole new look that offers an improved sense of intuitiveness and ease of use, especially in mobile apps, users will find more detailed information in an easier to locate interface screen. Dealers can always count on the same functionality and general layout of operable buttons for a consistent experience, without the need for new training.

Other features of the newly improved platform include:

  • A new style of map layout that shows all relevant record information at a glance.
  • If the original list style is preferred, it can be toggled at the bottom of the page, choosing the new or old list layout.
  • Users can keep their viewing preference from session to session and save that choice as the default. Dealers can set a default for all customers and / or individually per customer.
  • Improved dark mode support, which reduces the amount of blue light for an improved experience.
  • Extend automated reports through scheduled task rules – now many more reports can be delivered on a schedule:

◦ Event activity report (List all selected activities in chronological order)

◦ Site occupancy report (List the users who have accessed each site and calculate the total occupancy)

◦ Entry / exit per user (List the entry and exit times of users for each zone and calculate the total time in a zone)

◦ Exit Exception (List of users who have logged in but not logged out)

◦ List of asset statuses (List of assets with the selected status such as late return)

◦ List of user statuses (list of users and their last activity, for example all inactive users during the last 90 days)

◦ List of user safe passage statuses (list of users and their safe passage status, such as all users with untrusted status)

◦ System code expiration list (List of all system codes and authority levels, including expiration status)

◦ Historical data report on environmental zones (List and graph of environmental zones with associated alarm status for regulatory compliance)

◦ Thermostats historical data report (List and graph of HVAC status recorded from thermostats)

  • Additionally, since inbound events can trigger the activation of task rules, the report can also be provided in response to certain critical events that occur. For example, a fire alarm event can trigger the delivery of an exit exception report. The report will show who entered the building but did not exit (egress readers must detect if the person has left, otherwise the report will include all entries for the report period).

In addition to the award-winning Safe Passage module for authorization of access control users and ScanPass® mobile credentials for frictionless entry control, dealers and their customers have the latest services to manage multiple locations via a single Connect ONE user interface. Connect ONE works with Bosch B and G, DMP XR / XT, ELK M1 and Honeywell Vista Turbo security and access control panels. It also integrates with ASSA ABLOY Aperio® wireless locks as well as Digital Watchdog, OpenEye, ExacqVision and Eagle Eye Networks video technologies.

For more information on these new features and capabilities, visit Connect ONE, call (866) 976-3520 or email [email protected]