Computop Unveils Cloud POS Interface

Global payment service provider, Computop, today announced the launch of its new Cloud POS interface, a solution that will allow retailers to operate card terminals from any ERP, store or payment system. web-based point of sale via Computop Paygate.

Ideal for physical stores and operations with multiple locations or payment points, Computop Cloud POS is a modern and flexible interface allowing retailers to connect to point-of-sale terminals via the cloud and eliminating the need for the ZVT/ OPI in the cash register to facilitate card payments.

Computop Paygate forwards payment requests to a cloud-based terminal server which identifies and addresses the correct terminal. This means that while the terminal may still reside in the same local network as the initiating system, the transaction process will technically no longer be triggered by the cash register system software, but rather by Computop’s terminal server.

Cloud POS also allows terminals to be used via a SIM card. When a terminal is not connected to Cloud POS via LAN or WiFi, retailers can use a SIM card to create a connection to the checkout system, giving them greater flexibility to manage payments.

“There are immediate benefits for retailers in terms of savings they can realize on the purchase and maintenance of traditional POS interfaces,” said Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop. “But on top of that, Cloud POS is highly scalable, which means it’s suitable for fast-growing, customer-centric, location-independent omnichannel services.”

With the rapid growth of pop-up stores and home delivery, companies are looking for payment solutions that support mobile use cases, as well as faster and more flexible point of sale in established stores. Computop Cloud POS is also ideal for supporting self-service sales, such as in museums, event venues or tourist information centers.

Computop Cloud POS is now available for large retail customers and can be integrated directly with logistics companies to enable “cash on delivery” service.