PROVIDENCE, RI [Brown University] — Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are emerging assistive devices that could one day help people with brain or spinal cord injuries move around or communicate. BCI systems depend on implantable sensors that register electrical signals in the brain and use these signals to drive external devices suchRead More →

The PreSonus Revelator io24 USB-C audio interface features high-headroom mic preamps, a two-channel loop mixer, and extensive processing to create quality sound for streaming, podcasting, and music production. According to PreSonus, the Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. It was designed to beRead More →

Lyrics by Sam McNiece Including tape send and tape reverse capabilities. Love or hate Behringer, their ability to produce functional, affordable products with quality hardware through their recent branded acquisitions is impressive. The new STUDIO XL builds on their recently announced STUDIO L design, adding an additional monitor output andRead More →

Mr. Tomlinson Mr. Holman is an American film theorist, sound engineer, and inventor of motion picture technologies, including the Lucasfilm THX sound system. He developed the world’s first 10.2 sound system and has been employed by Apple since 2011 as a “Distinguished Engineer”. Today, the United States Patent and TrademarkRead More →

New update gives users simpler and more robust experiences to control their connected homes Samsung Electronics today announced the release of the next generation of SmartThings, the first technology enabling connected living and guiding the future of IoT. The eponymous Windows mobile and desktop apps now have improved updates. AsRead More →

If you’re about to get into podcasting, multitrack recording, or streaming: you need to take audio seriously. There’s a lot more to creating melodious vocals or jaw-dropping guitars than you might think. It’s time to talk about audio interfaces. In this article, we’ll explain what an audio interface is, whatRead More →

Australian company ARX has just launched the USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast, a two-channel digital/analog professional audio interface for 24-bit USB playback and recording. USB Ultra I/O VSR streaming eliminates the need to use existing sound card outputs in systems or live production. Designed to interface USB-equipped computers with theRead More →

As producers’ requirements change, so must the equipment they use, and with the Audio4c iConnectivity believes it has come with a audio/MIDI interface that will suit the modern-day musician. Designed for live streaming, performance and – yes – good old-fashioned recording, this promises supposedly powerful software routing options designed toRead More →