Big Gmail UPDATE! Google is rolling out a new user interface; Know how to get it

Google has rolled out a new Gmail user interface. Know how you can get it.

Google is rolling out a new Gmail layout that has brought changed colors, updated menus and navigation tools, and a new model for interacting with other Google services. The redesign is part of a push for a “unified Gmail,” which will simplify the way people move between web apps. Basically, Gmail redesigned the left sidebar and changed the font. There is also a small functional change, i.e. the “search chips”. Gmail’s new user interface (UI) will allow users to apply filters before searching for things like “Has an attachment” and “From me” to get the exact result they’re looking for. for.

The new layout is offered to many users by default, but those who want to stick with the old Gmail layout have an opt-out option in the settings menu. Users who for some reason did not automatically get this new Gmail layout can access Gmail Quick Settings. Learn how to upgrade to the new Gmail UI if you haven’t received it yet.

How do I switch to the new Gmail UI?




20 minutes

Step 1:

If you haven’t automatically switched to the new UI yet, head to the main Gmail page and open the quick settings in the top right.

2nd step:

Once you click on it, you will see a shortcut to bring a new layout to your Gmail available at the top of the settings mini menu that appears below.

Step 3:

Click the toggle and Gmail will restart your tab to bring the new layout.

If you already have the new Gmail UI but don’t like it, you can also switch to the old one. All you have to do is go back to the quick settings button on Gmail and tap on the tab to return to the old available to return to the old layout.

Google Product Manager Neena Kamath said the new changes will allow users to easily switch between email, video calling, chat and collaboration. “We increasingly view Gmail as a central point for people to manage communication in their daily lives,” a Google spokesperson said.