Audient’s “smart” EVO 16 audio interface features a color display that provides real-time feedback

With the EVO 16, it seems Audient hasn’t added so much to its EVO audio interface range as completely redefined. While the EVO 4 and 8 are compact and portable devices, its big brother is a full-featured 24-in/24-out studio rig that promises some pretty smart features.

“Building on the success of the EVO 4 and EVO 8, we wanted to expand the EVO concept,” says Andy Allen, Audient’s marketing director. “EVO 16 delivers the intuitive user experience, professional sound and engineering quality you’ve come to expect from parent company Audient, with significantly more I/O than its smaller counterparts. And yet it still fits firmly into the category of “affordable” audio interfaces.

EVO 16 is designed to sit on your desk or in a rack, and stands out for the inclusion of a color display. This is contextual, so will show different information depending on what you are doing.

The screen enables a one-button control system and means that adjustments can be made without you having to look at your computer screen. Adjustments are displayed in real time, with Audient saying the experience is comparable to using a “smart” device in that there’s no need to dive into a deep menu.

The EVO 16 comes with eight EVO preamps that deliver 58dB of mic gain, while the converters give you 121dB of dynamic range. You also get the EVO range’s Smartgain feature, which can be used to automatically adjust the gain for all eight channels simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Expansion potential, meanwhile, is aided by the inclusion of optical I/O – you can add up to 16 additional channels of mic preamps via ADAT and SPDIF.

The EVO 16 is also compatible with the EVO Mixer software, which offers additional options for configuring and routing inputs and outputs and low latency monitoring.

EVO 16 is expected to ship in Q2 2022 for $499/£400/€469. Learn more about the Audience (opens in a new tab) website.